[Common Light Tower Idea] Shrine of Gal'ad

Name: Shrine of Gal'ad Attack: None Range: 1 Cooldown: 10s Element: Light Gender: None Flavour Text: Bless'd be those who seek her favour. Ability 1: Boon of the Goddess Increases the luck of allies within 1 field by 15% (x) for c seconds. + 0.1% (y) per level Ability 2: Devotion Every time Boon of the Goddess is cast, the Shrine gains (x*y) XP. ----------- Was unsure how strong the shrine should be, so left the values of luck, luck per level and xp gains blank. I think the cooldown of the cast should reflect the strength of the above values, but around 10 seconds per cast seems right. EDITED with YAYBone's suggested values. Does (x*y) sound more reasonable for XP gain than (x + y)/2?

i think this is more of an uncommon/blue tower because of its effect. seeing that herb witch and irish pub are both aoe buff tower. also this needs either a cap or its a temporary effect. for x id go with 10 and an increase of 0.1 per lvl for y so we get roughly 20% at max. for z i would just go with (x+y)/2 so it will get more xp over time. do you want it to attack or not?

Hmm, maybe you're right, more like an uncommon/blue tower effect due to its buff. Yeah, it would be a temporary buff for c seconds. Will amend. 20% at max may be a bit too low, unless the effect can stack (ie, activate #1 for x% + y% for c seconds, then activate #2 to stack etc?) to a reasonable cap (can't have it proc'ing for 100% luck uptime). I like your idea about how it gains XP. No attack, hence the only way to get XP would be with casting its active. Thanks for your input.

late game this tower will be too strong so a flat amount without a stack should be enough as for the duration we could go with 90% of its cd/atkspd. so we dont just boost its attackspeed to get ridiculous amounts of luck. x*y will be a flat amount of 1.5 xp per cast and with a 10s cd thats just too small. maybe increase that with the amount of tower which get the buff?

I was trying to match some of the other XP gain towers, for example Scientist gets 0.4 experience per attack and Wolves get 1 experience per kill. So 1.5 XP every 10 seconds guaranteed seems okay. I do like the idea of (x*y)+t, where t = number of towers buffed :D Means you'd have to be strategic with its placement to make the best of its bonus.

That's a great idea. Would also go for at least uncommon rarity though.