[Common Light Tower Idea] Swan

Name: Swan Attack: ? Range: 2 Cooldown: 4s Element: Light Gender: Female Flavour Text: Aren't I pretty? Ability: Preen Creeps attacked by the Swan are intrigued by her beauty and are slowed by 5% permanently and take x% more damage from offended female towers. + 0.1% slow per level + y% bonus damage from female towers per level

thats a neat female support! i like it. for the slow id go with "as long as they are in range" same with female tower buff. if she attacks all creeps are slowed and gain more damage from females. for the damage just a flat amount is enough 10-20% with a non increase per lvl as this will be to op otherwise (see widow). as dev stated that we have to keep it simple that tower is either an uncommon/blue or we take away one ability (slow).

Hmm, would it still work, flavour-wise without the slow? (re: making it more simple) If she doesn't get better per level, is there a "point" to levelling her? Or is the flat bonus good enough? I thought there were enough "in range" slows for towers, so a permanent slow without the ability to stack I thought would be simple and good enough. The major effect would be the extra damage from female towers.

if i read your comment correctly you wanted to slow them once and not every attack right? i first thought you want to slow them every attack. frozen 2 set has a perma 10% slow on attacked creeps so with a flat 5% for this tower i thought it would be good enough maybe someone else has a better idea for it. as for the damage increase maybe that can scale from 10%+ 0.1% per lvl and non stackable?

Non-stackable per from a single tower, or multiple Swans? I feel like a 15% slow if you have Frozen set would be fine, as it'd require hits from both the tower with the Frozen set + the Swan to get that permanent slow?

non stackable from one tower, multiple should be stackable. as far as i know each slow is a seperate multiplicative so to say if your swan has a frozen 2 set than it will slow the target for 0.9*0.95 if we go with a 5% slow for your swan.

I really like this idea. And I think it would work better as a blue/uncommon tower, as YAYBone said. I like the original 5% permanent slow idea. For the rest of their journey, they're always 5% slower than otherwise. No stacking with other swans or over multiple attacks. The female bonus could be a decent amount, because there aren't really any female carries at the moment. I don't see a reason to avoid a scaling bonus. I think 10% (+0.1% per level) feels good for a damage boost; it's similar to herb witch type bonus, but that bonus is additive, this would be a small multiplicative with limited scaling ability.

Great idea! And I agree with YAYBone.. Will keep this one for the uncommon vote!