compiled Ideas

Storm Spire - Purple Range Map wide Speed 2.5 Damage 5-5 Severity – Each round the tower checks the how bad the storms are. (during bonus every 10 seconds it rolls a new severity) The storms will last for 5 seconds automatically (even if new levels nexted) Severe Lightning – Every unit will take 50% of the towers damage ever .25 seconds Severe Flooding – Every unit is slowed by 50% Mild Storm – Lightning will randomly Strike a unit every .75 seconds for .25% tower damage Mild Rain – 2 units out are slowed by 30% Sunny day – All towers gain 50% crit chance ---- Purple The Ripper. Damage 10-10 (?) starting speed 2-3 Damage to – ALL - Range 2 Bloodthirst! – Upon critting The ripper gains 1% damage/crit damage permanently Killing Spree – Each Kill the ripper goes into a murderous spree Gaining 5% attack speed permanently , and additional 100% for 2 seconds. (does not stack, must fade before replenishing) ------ Tower Set Tower 1 - Yellow Card Name : Cultist Starting speed 2 Damage 2-6 Range 2 Fal Demon Possession: Every second the Cultist is not attacking he begins channeling, giving a 10% chance to summon a demon beside him to attack. If there is no Demonic Prison placed the Cultist is instead Possessed by the demon. (+5% at 10/25/35 levels) See Prison (tower 2) for demon stats. Possession - The cultist goes into a demonic rage for 10 seconds gaining 500% damage 100% attack speed but losing 100% crit chance. Tower 2 - Purple Card Name : Demonic Prison speed 4 Damage 2-25 Range 3 Imprisonment- the demon will start at 10% of the prisons damage and attack speed of 2 And lasting for 10 seconds. +1 second every 9 levels. For each Demon the cultist summons the prison gets stronger allowing the cultist to summon stronger demons. Each demon will be 10% stronger in damage (capping at 100% damage) and attack 10% faster (no cap). Hell on Mazebert! - there is a 1% chance (not effected by luck items) That the demon summoned is one the average demons fear. Due to its power it will only last for 1 Attack (+1 attack at lvl 50/90) His attack will destroy All monsters on screen. Let me know what you guys think!!

I like the idea of the Ripper, but the 5% attack speed gain seems a little broken.

All of the numbers for the ripper's abilities are way too high, but the concept is really cool.

yeah i figured the rippers stats where a little to high, but eh, i like my other ones more lol

what about if you wear it once you cant drop it so 1 item slot is blockt ?