[CTL] Laser Pointer

Name: Laser Pointer Attack: All Damage: 5-14 Range: 2 Cooldown: 3s Element: Light Gender: None Ability: Super Laser: Every 10th (-1 per 15 lvl) attack is a piercing attack.

Does it pierce the entire wave, or just a few creeps?

in a straight line similiar to scarface. i thought of making it a reflection first but thought piercing is better.

The other way it could maybe work is to have it be a time based cooldown. My thinking for that is that it would always be ready when the next wave comes. Maybe something like every 10 (-0.1 per level). So straight line for the whole lane and not just range 2? It sounds too powerful, but scarface isn't being abused right now, so it's probably fine, right?