Custom Tower Items/Sets

Just throwing this out there, I was thinking about having Items that are custom to specific towers. I'll use D2 to be my reference; IK (Barb), Tal's (Sorc), Nat's (Sin), Aldur's (Druid), Trang's (Necro), Mav's (Zon), and lastly Gris (Pali). These set's have item's that are all specific to that person (tower in this case). Here are my ideas: -Set: Barrett 50(Hitman Only) -Item 1: Rifled Barrel -Stat 1: +X% Attack speed, with .Y% per level -Stat 2: +X% Chance to knock a creep back Y Space/Spaces. -Item 2: Blackened Receiver -Stat 1: +1 Multi Crit -Stat 2: +X% Damage -Item 3: True-Aim Scope -Stat 1: +X% to Crit, +.Y% per level -Stat 2: +X% to Crit Chance, +.Y% per level -Set Completion: (Must have all 3 and they are Unique or Top Tier Items) -Completion Stat 1: +X% elemental (Your choice) dmg over Y seconds. -Completion Stat 2: After killing X (100?) creeps and wearing the full set for Y mins, the set is sacrificed to create the following: -Item: Deadly 50 Cal (Hitman Only, can only be created once) -Stat 1: +X crit chance, with +Y% per level. +X Crit, with Y% per level. -Stat 2: +2 Multi Crit -Stat 3: The tower has .X% chance to reload and fire a shot doing X times (2 times?) the Base Dmg (Plus Crit & Crit Chance) -Stat 4: +X% elemental (Your choice) dmg over Y seconds. The set may seem quite OP, but thats why I left the numbers out. It would need fine tuning. I have more Ideas for the other primary Carry's, but this is eating up my time. Quick Other Items: -Item: Quick Hands (Thief Only) -Stat 1: +X% chance to steal an item/potion, with +Y% per level -Stat 2: +X% increased chance to steal gold -Stat 3: +X% to attack speed -Item: Sharpened Teeth (Beaver Only) -Stat 1: +X% chance to stun -Stat 2: +X% attack speed -Stat 3: +X% chance to cause the creep to drop an item/potion, with Y% per level -Item: Prize Carrot (Baby Rabbit Only) -Stat 1: +X% Crit/Crit Chance, with Y% per level -Stat 2: +X% attack speed -Stat 3: +1 Multi Crit Side Note for Baby Rabbit: -The +1 target at level 16, should be changed to +1 every 16 levels -Base dmg should be increased, or increase better as he levels -Cost may need an increase Item Suggestion (Not Tower Specific): -Item: Compound Bow (Rare) -Stat 1: +50% dmg to air creeps -Stat 2: +X% dmg to air creeps per level I hate having to stack multiple bows on my carry, since he's weak as crap towards air creeps. I hope you all enjoy, Let me know if you want my other Ideas.

I really like this idea. Will keep it on my list. Probably we need a few more rounds on the item deck implementation, before such an amount of new sets could be added. Right now there's a little bit of item clutter already. But I really love to see the concept of tower specific sets. It adds a lot of character to those I think. At least it's the case in Diablo :-)

Andy, I love the idea personally. I can't wait to see the new towers to come. I'd love to test out the towers to come and see what Items/ideas could be used. I'll be adding more to this list over time. It's just going to require some testing to see what I think could help. Right now I'm working on testing Blofeld. So, Blofeld will be next on this list. Now, on a different note, I'm working on a few new map ideas. I'm using the following: -17 tower locations -No tower locations that are 3x3 -Creep path must change direction at least 8 times I'll let you know.

Wow, that sounds really good. I'm very interested about ideas for new maps! Already playing with the thought of a map editor shared with the community. Would love that.

Andy, A shared map editor you say? Love it! Plus, you can throw in some design contests with it! =D Sounds like you'll get a bunch of map ideas off that. I'll be finished with the rough draft of the map this weekend... Then off to checking the current towers range and how it will result on the field... Don't want to make it overlap too much, or it'd be back to step 1.

Nice! Can't wait for your results :-)

Andy, Talk about running into major issues with Bear Hunter and towers with 1 attack range. I kept hitting those walls and restarting from square one. I think I finally have one with decent results. I can't figure out how to upload from my phone, so it'll be up later today.

Nice! I'm very excited about that map! :-D

Andy, How the heck do I upload this?

Level Idea Eh, didn't work. I just sent it to you via facebook. =D

i am all for Specific tower sets / items to add variety to towers.