Dark Matter (Unique item)

Nullifies equipped tower damage,but spreading 15% of tower damage,critical chance,critical damage,speed,XP bonus,luck bonus,gold bonus,item chance and quality to all nearest towers within 1 range

This is pretty cool, but a bit like Cthulhu's soup, but stronger. I have a couple worries: - Any tower can hold a branch and effectively give the area +15% potion effects, in addition to items worn. - Mr. Iron can eat items and buff an entire area. - Tower specific buffs can be applied to the carry at 15% effectiveness. - - A non-carry Muli or Ripper can stack stats, hold a branch and buff the carry. Overall it's pretty neat and the 15% effect feels like the correct amount. Most other powerful items need to be worn by the carry and the player needs to decide which items are worth an inventory slot. This item makes you better without any drawback at all. If this is implemented, then I'd vote for either a -2 multicrit to surrounding towers, or a global 10% damage resistance for creeps (or damage reduction, or however it makes sense to implement this).

Yeah,maybe -2 multicrit for all towers within 1 range and when MR Iron using it can be -4 multicrit and damage,speed and crit 5 % instead of 15 % and all other stats like luck,item chance/quality,XP bonus and gold bonus up to 7,5 % at max tower level