Darkness element Card suggestions

First off this is a thread with just all my old listings, but converting most of the towers to darkness because, well with the element chosing thing we need more darkness towers both blue, yellow and purple. Tower Purple Gem The Gorger Element - Darkness Price 3250 Range 1 and 3 (explained below) Damage 24-31 Speed 1.5 / 3 (explained below ) ‘Do you taste like chicken?’ Hunger! – Attack is set at 1.5 if not Eating a unit. Feast – The gorger will Grab the nearest NON BOSS unit and begin to consume it granting him Engorged. Dealing 20% of the creeps life per second. 10% Life per second at 15/30/45. Engorged – While consuming the unit the Gorgers attack speed is reduced to 3. Gains 20% damage Per unit consumed. ---------------- Yellow The Ripper Damage 10-10 (?) starting speed 2-3 Damage to – ALL - Range 1 Bloodthirst! – Upon critting The ripper gains .001% damage/crit damage permanently Killing Spree – Each Kill the ripper goes into a murderous spree Gaining .05% attack speed permanently , and additional 100% for 2 seconds. (does not stack, must fade before replenishing) —— Tower Set Tower 1 - Yellow Card Name : Cultist Starting speed 2 Damage 2-6 Range 2 Fal Demon Possession: Every second the Cultist is not attacking he begins channeling, giving a 10% chance to summon a demon beside him to attack. If there is no Demonic Prison placed the Cultist is instead Possessed by the demon. (+5% at 10/25/35 levels) See Prison (tower 2) for demon stats. Possession – The cultist goes into a demonic rage for 10 seconds gaining 500% damage 100% attack speed but losing 100% crit chance. Tower 2 - Purple Card Name : Demonic Prison speed 4 Damage 2-25 Range 3 Imprisonment- the demon will start at 10% of the prisons damage and attack speed of 2 And lasting for 10 seconds. +1 second every 9 levels. For each Demon the cultist summons the prison gets stronger allowing the cultist to summon stronger demons. Each demon will be 10% stronger in damage (capping at 100% damage) and attack 10% faster (no cap). Hell on Mazebert! – there is a 1% chance (not effected by luck items) That the demon summoned is one the average demons fear. Due to its power it will only last for 1 Attack (+1 attack at lvl 50/90) His attack will destroy All monsters on screen.

I like these ideas! +1 from me.

Any other contestants willing to put their 2 cents on my towers? i will more than gladly look at yours as well ! (lets look at balancing nad every thing for each other, and bounce ideas to help improve our current and or future ones to help reduce stress on andy!!! , nothing wrong with a healthy competition specially if we can help work out kinks!)

Nice ideas. I think the gorger's skill is a little unclear. Is Feast an active ability or triggered by probability (%chance)??. And i think the 20% additional damage is a little bit high if it is permanent. Same with the Cultist and the Prison, somethings are a little unclear. Lets say you have them both then that would be like having 3 towers dishing out damage (Cultist, Prison and Summon). And with regards to the Summoned creature, given the description, its max damage is only 100%. And it has no way to level up or gain experience leaving it stuck with only 100% damage and an infinite scaling attack speed. If this is the case I would rather have two Cultist than them both seeing as possession is a much better option than the Prison's abilties. And the Summon's damage is directly affected by the Prison's damage? You could only imagine it like having a level 50 Cultist with its Summon's damage of about 10% of a level 1 Prison- around 0.2 to 2.5.. O.o?? (it is a purple tower aftr all which means you'll be having it like around waves 70 and above).

@ icen, in regards of the demons damage it would be starting at 10% of the Prisons damage, and at (and after) the 10th demon summoned it would be 100% of the Prisons damage. so for example if the Prison has 100 dmg flat (for easiest reference) first demon would only do 10 damage, 3r demon would do 30 , 6th would do 60, and 10th would do 100. and if the tower went up to 1000 damage, it would be 100 , 300 , 600 , 1000 . so the demon would Scale with the prison, potions, items , and all

and as for the gorger it would be an Active

@syotos: still the Prison is a purple card. By the time you already have it the Cultist would atlst be level 40-50 (maybe at waves 70 and above?) and would be harder to level it up to get to a decent damage. And with regards to the Cultist, I think it would totally crap up the Impatience Set seeing as you wanna make use most of the waiting time before each round for longer channeling time and therefore higher probability of summoning a Demon. If you press next button then lower channeling time and if you dont you lose the extra additional attack speed gain for every second you skip.

and that's where it will come down to play style and such for the cultist/ prison carry or using an inpatients (i can get my carries down to .01 speed with out the inpatients so i don't use it on them ever only on scientists ,beavers , and knus). and as for the prison being lower level that's where either a genesha comes into play for the prison, or having another tower already placed gaining exp to be replaced.

Quite franlky I think these aren't very good ideas. The Gorger and The Ripper sounds more like Metropolis. And your set is, well, too overpowered. I saw that nobody said anything about the minion that is supposed to kill everything. Excuse me? I wouldn't like that. I like the cultist as a name and I think it would fit Mazebert, but maybe his channeling ability should just weaken creeps? An ability similiar to Elvis's. //this commment is incomplete due to work. I'm gonna make a full comment later on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@ manu , thats why things goes through processes of balancing and such to be fine tuned to good for gameplay, as for gorger and ripper being metro , i could agree with the ripper , but the gorger isn't ment to be 'human' but a Fiendish creature of origins unknown that has a never ending hunger. and as for the thing that kills all monsters on screen, if u also saw its for 1 attack and a 1% chance to even happen that will never grow.