Darkness Tower Idea

Siren Yellow Gem 2500 Gold 1.2s 13-19 dmg 3 range Siren's Call: Creeps have a 5% (+0.2%/level) chance of being entranced by the Siren on each attack. Entranced creatures gain +100% speed to rush towards the siren, and then stop. The entranced creeps lose 25%(+0.5%/level) armor Devour Soul: Each entranced creep that the Siren kills gains the siren +1% damage, and +1% attack speed. Succubus Blue Gem 380 gold 2s 15-27 dmg 2 range Creeps hit by the Succubus have a 10% (+0.1%/level) chance of being slowed and having their armor reduced by 10 (+1/level) while they are in the range of the Succubus