Darkness Tower Suggestions

Reaper Purple Gem Cost 3000 Range 2 Damage 10-15 Attack CD 2s Male Effects: Soul Reaping: Every creep killed by this tower permanently adds 1 base damage. +.02 Base damage per level. The Reaper's scythe collects the souls of the departed granting him unholy power. Note: Doesn't receive credit for previous kills of a replaced tower --------------------- Undead Mage Yellow Gem Cost 2200 Range 3 Damage 5-6 Attack CD 1.5s Effects: Corpse Explosion: When this tower gets a kill the corpse will explode causing enemies in 2 range of the corpse to take 13% more damage from darkness towers and move 13% slower for 8 seconds. Doesn't affect Air. +0.4% slow and damage taken per level. +0.25 seconds duration per level ----------- Small Spider White gem Cost 42 Range 4 Damage 5-9 Attack CD 2s Female Effects: Spin Web: Each attack has a 12% chance (7^ chance against bosses) to slow a creep by 21% (15% against bosses) for 5s. +.1% per level --------- Spider Queen Purple Gem Cost 2800 Range 2 Damage 15-18 Attack CD 3s Female Devour: Has a 4% chance to devour a creep stuck in a web and permanently gain 5% damage. +.2% chance to devour per level +.1% damage per level Venomous Bite: Each attach causes the creep to take 200% damage over 8 seconds and be slowed by 8%. +1% venom damage per level +.05% slow per level Damage doesn't stack but each attack starts the timer over. *All stats can be obviously modified for balance. *Spiders would have to work together to get spider queens first effect working.