DF painting and wizard skills

It would be awesome if Painting of Solea could be a DF drop! or to OP? Anyway i also got some Wizard skill ideas: Scrooge: 10 skill points, 1% interest with all 10 points, 1-9 points = 0% Hustler: 10 skill points, 10% extra gold drop, 1% for each point That are my favorites, the last 2 i just came up with. Drunken Master: 10 skill points, 4 skill points gives a small potion of your choise, 7 points a normal potion of your choise except for water, 10 points a great potion of your choise except for water Blacksmith: 5 skill points, 1 wooden staff, 2 baby sword, 3 school book, 4 ring of greed, 5 Painting of Solea