Dragon Spit Drop

Name: Dragon Spit Drop Type: Potion Rarity: Unique (or Rare) Effect: +10% Damage (+1%/level) (Level 99 = +109%) +10% Crit Chance (+1%/level) (Level 99 = +109%) +10% Luck (+1%/level) (Level 99 = +109%) -10% Attack Speed (-1%/level) (Level 99 = -109%) Description: This spit of drop is very rare and hard to harvest. It's nutritional values are sky high and the drop possesses some of the magical attributes of the dragon, such as luck. Tastes horrible. Also contains mild neurotoxin. (Can be balanced, if necessary) As for the image, I was thinking of something like a dragons wings on the bottle. Bottle could be flashing red and look like a test tube.