Few cards ideas

Hi, first I really like the game, even though I'm not a fan of tower defence games. I like the idea of ligth/lightness/holy deck, it feels like it's the missing part. So here are my propositions: Healer (unique card) range - 4 damage - 1-1 element - lightness (or nature) sex - female speed - 2s Make tea not war. ability 1 - with every attack she heals creeps 15%, healed creap adds to the counter ability 2 - every 100 healed creeps she increase our health by 1% ------- King Arthur (rare/unique card) range - 3 damage 30-50 (medium or small) element - lightness sex - male speed - 5s I am your king! ability - Holy hand grenade - there's a 1% chance to throw holy hand grenade, when explodes it kills all creeps in range 3 (takes 85% of bosses life), but it also blinds towers in same range for 2s (towers can't attack) ---- Cupid (common card) range - 4 damage - 5-20 (rather small) element - lightness sex - male speed - 1.5s Love hurts. ability - he shoots two arrows and attacks two creeps at once, and there is 10% chance to stun creep for 0.5s ---- Count Dracula (unique card) range - 1 damage 1-1 element - darkness sex - male speed - 2s ability - sucks life - with every attack he drains 10% of current life of all creeps in range, +0.01% drain per level ---- Tardis (uncommon card) range - 3 damage - 5-10 (rather small) element - metropolis? sex - female speed - 3s Time machine ability - (something like irish pub) every 180s it can stop time for 5-10s, creeps can't move, but towers still attacks ---- Unique item (actually 3 items) Bermuda triangle - 3 pieces, when all pieces are used, after 1 minute, 3 towers switch their places randomly, every swap takes it's toll - randomly decreases towers level by 15, 10 or 5.

Hello, i want to give you some feedback about these Cards: #1 Healer: Might be a bit too OP. Give him MR and you can regain life in seconds. In addition with the Blood Demon.. Dont want to see a +1000 base dmg item out there. Might be simply solved though if you cap the MAX life (200+198 = 398 life). #2 King: Ability is MUCH too strong. If he is your carry. I guess he doesnt get blinded or does it? If he does get blinded put him to the front as main carry and whatever you like out of grenade range and easy win. #3 Cupid To be honest, i like this one. Maybe have to adjust the stun chances a bit. But some question: How should the target system work? Hitting random enemys, the first 2 spawned enemys... Does the MR equip means he can stun all units in the area etc? #4 Dracula: This one is one of the MOST OP Towers suggested here i guess [here= on the forum]. Equip Helm of Hades and you get a range of 2. Then stack Speed items / Pots or even the BUZZ BUZZ set. he will kill everything in a second (10% life /hit to everythin in range on a 0.1sec attack speed....) or in half a sec if he gets 99... 19.99% lifedrain there. #5 Tardis: i guess Time machine is its abilty? If yes... Well... it should freeze everything besides Tardis Type towers. Or WAY WAY shorter. 10 sec of freehits on bosses... Maybe instead going for a global 75% slow for 3 secs without any "freezing"? #6 Bermuda triangle: Love it ^^ dont see much use since it might destroy a well balanced defense ^^ But its like the Acolyte with that time warp thing... It might backfire ^^ but i do like it =)

Hi, thanks for the feedback, I like your proposals, and now I agree that most of them is too strong. Definitely all these cards require balancing. So to the point... :) 1. Healer - she definitely needs max life cap. I wanted to make her tricky, maybe healing is not enough, she could simply add ~15% of basic creep life, so you would think twice before giving her too much speed to avoid creeps with 500% of basic life. 2. King - I meant him to get blinded too, but you may be right, he still would be too strong. 3. Cupid - I would love if he could shot random targets. Honestly I completely forgot about MR, but i think he should stun all units in the area (love is all around ;). 4. Dracula - ok, he may be slightly overpowered ;), I meant him to be a tower which can lower creeps life, but he wouldn't be able to kill creeps (because of -10% of current life - so it would never reach zero) 5. Tardis - freezing would be something new, but I agree - it should be shorter.

Dracula might be op as said but i think it would work if maybe he starts to take 10% of current life and every hit on the same target reduces the % life lowered, lets say second hit takes 8 percent of current life and the third takes 6% and so on? i absolutley love the tardis idea! it would be really cool ingame i think with the blue police box and all maybe also make a "doctor" tower with some ability that works in symbiosis(gets stronger when together) with each other and/or a sonic screwdriver item or ability of some sorts

Thank your for not taking any offense ^^ #1 Healer: Well yeah with life capped it might work. Still to be effective you need to stack speed which means on the other hand that you cant kill Challange Bosses (You dont really one-hit them most of the time ^^) and you just sell him for bonus rounds... Would have to see how it works if it gets implemented, hard to tell. Anyway Blood Demon would have to fix your max life to 1 or maybe 10 or so. Would be dumb if you can go down to 1 life and then just let the healer stack it to 200 again ;D afterwards #2 I think its too strong but on the other hand it might backfire :/ so i guess you would have to test the impact on the game with him in... #3 Nothin to add here #4 Dracula: even if it is 10% of current life is TOO much. 0.1 secs = 10 hits = ~35% life left in 1sec. in 2 secs its ~12% max life left. Equip the MR reaver and have the Scarface in the back and you will top all current highscores. Maybe if you say it stacks only 5 times... or 3 times... (5 Stacks ~59% life left, 3 Stacks ~72% life left) Not taking Armor ratings into account.

you could also nerf Dracula by giving him a secondary ability, maybe something like: Eternal: as he is the eternal apex predator he has not evolved in strength for a few centuries and has weakened thus he can't lift the Messerschmidt's Reaver, as sometimes the supply of blood is scarce he has learned to get that extra last drop of blood from his victims, +0.01% drain per level + as i wrote above starts to take 10% of current life and every hit on the same target reduces the % life lowered, lets say second hit takes 8 percent of current life and the third takes 6% and so on? that should do the trick i think

Well with your Dracula Idea he would take about 27% life (not taking into account that +0,01% / level). Which is not OP, depending if it works on bosses or not ^^. MR doesnt matter ;) since he "drains all victims in range". (the thing about MR was my fault to begin with...) And about your earlier post MRDRR: I'm writing while beeing on work. So sometimes it takes 20-30 mins before i finished a post. Sometimes even more ^^' you wrote while i was typing XD *edit: Well i do not know where "Tardis" comes from, but a "stun" would be too strong for that time... MAybe somethin like "Negates the effect of the Szepter of time - For your towers only" for 4 sec or so...

yeah i think that would be okey 27% hp is still very powerful on a boss/challenge type monster in the bonus rounds, but not gamebreaking powerful, hehe yeah i forgot about the MR too xD lol,, yeah i saw that we switched forums topic about same time earlier today aswell =) tardis the name of the spaceship/time machine used by the doctor in the Doctor Who series but it could be a shorter stun and still you would only be able to use it like ever 3 min so still its not that powerful as you would have to save it to make it matter on the hard creeps, and not just waste it as soon as the skill is ready =)

Thanks for your opinions. I'm glad you liked something :). I was thinking about Dracula, first I like the idea of stacking life-draining ability. So if basic drain is 6-7% of basic life and he has +1 stack every 10 levels, then creeps would end up with 30-40% of life. I had second thoughts about counting -10% of 'current' life as it could be too complicated, or rather too time consuming during game. And other thing - as Dracula wouldn't be able to kill creeps, and we still want him to level up, maybe he could drain/steal 2-5xp (or 0.5%) every 10s from each tower in range.

yeah i think the stacking would work well about the current and basic life drain i don't think it would matter as the processor(phone) does the calculating for you ingame and to be true if he only would have the +0.01% life drain per level, then at lvl 99 he would just have 0.99% + in life drain so barely only 1% from 99 lvls,, that would make me not care to level him up just like manitou as you gain nothing from it.( i like to use 4 dark aura items on him =)) maybe a secondary skill/ability? maybe even a drawback to nerf his powers some? oh and if count dracula would become a reality i would like to change his name to nosferatu instead =) (the name dracula has become more and more like a harry potter celebrity so it would be cool with a vampire not named dracula for a change^^ also on the cupid i think a cool idea but we already have quite a few "stunners" so i think it would be exaggerated with a new, it's basically just a rabbit and a beaver combined.. ok the tardis is also a "stunner" but still have some aspects unseen in this game as of yet, + it would be an active ability so it can't be exploited in the same manner with items and potions as for example the cupid card. any takes on the doctor and sonic screwdriver complementary cards idea? it xould work like a set but a set where you need to combine both tardis, doctor and screwdriver to get a special ability maybe? and it would be a new thing not just a set from items but with items and tower cards combined

Maybe a drawback on Dracula could be, that he is fed up from time to time, ceasing to attack? About his EXP, maybe calculate it with his dmg done? like round*10 dmg = 1 exp (has to scale somehow to the rounds. not sure how the life gain on creeps is) About the Name... Well i don't mind Dracula. Count Vlad Dragulai or whatever the historic person might have been. Vlad the Impaler... Nosferatu is fine too for me. But i still think a 4-5 sec stun would be too strong if its global. Let it have a 2 range or some such and might be more or less balanced. Still a powerful Boss killing device. Maybe with Tardis around it got a chance to stun them and afterwards send him back in time (since its active a rather high chance of 10% ?) and if Tardis got the scredriver let it increase the chance to 20% and luck increases it further? So you hit like 38% or so with full luck on Tardis? Or let it overcharge, taking 10% of enemys current life or along those lines, if you want to have it in :-P Well on Dracula: Even IF it is just 1% in total (per hit which means 10% per second. If maxed out it is 20% [1%*20 attacks]. But since it attacks everything in lets say 1 Range (means it might attack 8 Fields) and let him have the withered set... Depending if it is called an Aura or an actual hit trigger... But maybe we could go a different way with Vlad? Ability one: "Predatory Aura: Beeing close to this predatory spirit lets the creeps tremble in fear" 5% dmg increase on targets in aura range. Ability two: "Blood Lust: Got a chance to Drain part of the enemys lifeforcce and entering a Frenzy afterwards" Draining 15% life and afterwards gaining 25% (basedmg) bonus for 3 Seconds. While in beeing in a frenzy he cant drain more blood. *edit: Well Vampires always got some "Mind Controlling" ability... Every round he can choose one tower where he takes exp of it. (if you dont pick a new one, you stay with the old tower). The problems i see here: A way to keep shadow low to farm stacks and well.. another tower leeching from Ganesha ;D

I like the idea of a healer in the game. A tower like that would have to be hella balanced though :)