Flux capacitor mechanic (metro tower)

Flux Capacitor Mechanic Uncommon metropolis tower Cost: 330 Cooldown: 3 sec Range: 2 Damage: 4 - 38 Gender: either Flavor: Fal (unless this fits Ber better) Time skip: Send target creep forward in time by 1 second, 5% (+0.05%/level) chance. +1 second at level 42 Effect explanation: The creep would see everything skip forward. The player would see the creep disappear*. * It might be best to grey out the creep, or leave an outline. This would indicate the creep is still there. For user experience, if there's a single creep on the map, i.e. challenge waves, then it would be best to skip the delay for the player as well. The only noticeable effect would be towers attack cooldown decreasing. Discussion: This card is supposed to fill the role of support tower for metro. It doesn't slow down the creeps, but it still allows your towers do more damage to the wave.

Hmm, I'm not sure I understand correctly how the skill would work. I expect it is different to the forward in time we have so far, right (e.g. Novice Wizard).

I'm imaging this time warp to work like back to the future. You don't move through space, but through time. If a creep was sent to the future, then it would be untargetable until that future time was reached. Then it would rematerialize at the same location it disappeared from. The utility isn't as straightforward as beaver or spider; your towers don't get any additional time to attack a challenge or goblin. However, taking the creep off the map for a second gives the towers time to work on other creeps or prepare to attack again. You bring up a good point, it would be confusing with the Twisted Wizard wording. Could the Twisted Wizard be reworded to focus on location or speed? E.g. "moves creeps forward/backwards 3 seconds based on current speed." I believe that's how the current system works rather than keeping track of previous location.

Could this be implemented like this: "Towers attacking this creep ready their next attack 0.1 sec earlier, 10% chance." This might be easier to understand for players instead of having a creep disappear and reappear 1 second in the future. - - - - Or... "Puts creep in a stasis field for 1 second (0.2 sec for bosses) while it skips forward in time, 10% chance. Creep is untargetable and immobile while in stasis." This second wording is an easier understand version of my original mechanic. The difference between the two effects, 1 sec vs 0.1 sec, is because the towers are affected very different during normal waves. The first effect speeds up attacks which would make the lead creep die much faster. The second effect prolongs the creeps life and would shift towers to attacking another creep. No additional damage is being done in this case. For single creep waves, the effects are similar, but the stasis effect is much stronger because most towers will be ready to attack after 1 second. Maybe the 1 second stasis is too long.