Fragment Idea's

Original concept idea is credited to Icen , with his original concept I have built on and created these idea’s, for now I will leave the numbers for stats as X due to I can’t balance well. Fragmented Relics; These items will either Drop as a “Fragment” and require you to have 1-3 other items in inventory with it for X amount of time and will form the Complete Relic for its effects. Others may be a Secret combination of items to be held in the inventory for X amount of time to create the relic. Relics – requirements : end result stat boost/spell Fragment of Time: have key of wisdom, Dungeon door, fragment of time, and tower be level 75+: Fragment of Death- only droppable after dropping below 50% health – no ideas yet for it just a concept that others can take and spin ? Reign of Apocalypse (Hidden relic) – Kill all 4 horsemen (50/100/150/200 in tribute of original first 200 waves): A horseman of the apocalypse will run through the map every x seconds and deals x amount of the towers damage when he runs through any creeps on map.

i think it would be a card drop with recipe written on it, except if hidden recipe, though hard to go through all items to find a hidden one... i liked the time and death fragment ideas(sry no idea on death either) apocalypse would be to powerful i think btw to get more response you should not have started a new post but put your ideas in icen's original post to get conversations going =) peace //

most threads go awhile with out any contribution (you can go a week or more with out posts on the foruMs, not many players use em) The hidden ones would be just that, hidden, dedicated to find any combination if u wanted. as for the fragment of time , i didnt add any stats to its completion due to i forgot about it! hah, and death i just didnt have any good ideas at the time but i am always trying to create stuff and finish. and as for apocalypse being to powerful can you explain thoughts on why that is? personally i think the first 4 horsemen are the hardest ones to kill, so the reward should be something "stronger". and yeah , the cards would pretty much be a "recipe" of what they need, and what it would do afterwards.

+1 FOR THe recipe item. The more complex the mazebert, the more strategies to try on, and more i love this td. <3

yes the horsemen are the most powerful that can take life) i always have more trouble with the challange wave just before the horseman.. but thats just me =) but my point is that if you get the bonus after killing the horsemen and the bonus is used on creeps, like does he run through the map one time or in a loop? so when the apocalypse is active is only on lvl 201? 201 you could kill easily by yourself and the apocalyptic horseman would end up stealing your kills and your drops and your EXp =) thats why i thought apocalypse was a cool idea but flawed

and the hidden would at first be needed to be known by the testers, and then the forum would quickly work together to find the combination out so the secret wouldn't last long anyhow death could include a dark forge item or maybe all 3 items from dark forge

just cus it doesnt stay secret from the forums doesnt mean much,. as i said there isnt much forum traffc, so it brings people togeather to figure stuff out which is a good thing, no game secrets are ever secret by your logic because of the internet and sharing, so testers could do it and not share and let the public find it and then if u find it decide if u want to share or not. and as for the horse it would be on a loop as it says every x amount of time passing per loop, and give the kills to the tower holding the item, and who said it was going to 1 shot everything? because thats what you are getting at , it specifically says
Reign of Apocalypse (Hidden relic) – Kill all 4 horsemen (50/100/150/200 in tribute of original first 200 waves): A horseman of the apocalypse will run through the map every x seconds and deals x amount of the towers damage when he runs through any creeps on map.
. i appreciate feedback , but read the concepts fully and dont jump to your own conclusions with out asking questions to the designer. no where does it say it will one shot any thing ever.

yeah ofc =) could be a good idea to make ppl more active on the forum and team effort it, just saying the first who finds it are 99% gonna wanna brag that they are the one who beat it ;) giving the kills to the wearer was a nice touch, though it could then be used as a lvling tool if it was not bind on equip(ofc depends on its power), and yes i read the concept fully and no i wasn't thinking about 1 shot everything but if you would go through all the trouble of making the relic ofc i think it would be powerful, or it wouldn't be worth the bother

powerful doesnt mean overpowered.

if you read my sentences fully and didn't jump to your own conclusions with out asking questions of what i meant.... no where does it say that i wrote overpower....

Suggestion on Death... how about upon equipping it on a tower. the tower turns into a grave stone rendering the tile and tower unreplaceable and unbuildable.. towers in 1 range of the grave gets inspired by the 'sacrifice' and gains +1 multicrit for every 25 level of the sacrificed tower.. the item cannot be unequipped..XD

i like that icen, sick man.

I was reading about the Reign of Apocalypse and I got another idea. This is very rough, haven't thought so much about it yet! It's about this item set (containing at least one purple or orange card), that changes depending on the type of tower that has it equipped. The tower that has the item set has a chance on kill to summon a Horseman that starts from the end and moves towards the start of the map. Nature towers would summon a Horseman of Preservation, Metropolis towers a Horseman of Perseverance and Shadow towers a Horseman of Dominance. The Horseman would kind of detonate when he first meets with a creep, dealing damage proportionate to the distance it travelled in a radius of x squares, determined by the level of the tower that summoned it. It could also have an exra effect according to its type, like adding a little bit to your wizard's health for Preservation, stunning all creeps on the map for a second for Perseverance and permanently reducing the armor of all creeps on the map for Dominance. Alternate effects could be adding damage to towers near the detonation, dealing extra damage compared to the other Horsemen, sending all creeps back in time, killing the first creep regardless of damage or offering extra xp to your towers. At first I thought that maybe only Nature and Metropolis towers could use this set, because I thought of the Horsemen as adversaries to the Horseman of Apocalypse, which thematically fits with the Darkness towers. However, since Darkness towers fight by your side against the Horseman of Apocalypse, I guess they'd deserve their own Horseman :) Sorry for the long post, hope you guys like the idea!

Mhm, i kind of like that idea. But, i dont like the "chance on kill". I prefer the chance on hit, but GREATLY reducing the chance here to summon a Horseman or well, a legendary hero. The hero summoned depends on the hero you picked. You get 10% of the heroes abilitys on his "Impact" area, and the creeps get an effect, depending on the deck which summoned it. Black "Rotten armor" (well, translation issue here, what its called if it gets older and rusts?): All creeps armor get reduced by 50% for the next 5 secs. Metro "brainwash" the next creep which comes through heals instead of damages Nature "Circle of life" The enxt 3 Creeps which come through will be respawned at start. Mhm well... Or for Black "wither" the next 2 creeps comin through die withotu taking lives. Just to stay with the "creep comes through topic"