Fused elementar core (set)

Set of 5 items - Element of fire (white quality) + 15% damage to fal +10 % damage to vex -25% damage to ber - Element of water (green quality) +15% item chance +15% item quality -15% gold -15% luck -Element of air (blue quality) +25% attack speed +15% crit chance -15 % damage -Element of earth (yellow quality) +45% damage +20% luck -40% damage to vex Element of lighting(epic quality) +2 range -60% damage 40%chance to deal 200% tower damage after each hit to random enemy anywhere on the map Fused elementar core : After completing all elements will merge into one item : Fused elementar core This item can obtain one of seven unique abilites and item Element of Lighting can drop again Abilites : - every 40 seconds make blizzard for a 10 second.Every creep is slowed by 50 percents -every 180 seconds make thunderstorm for a 32 seconds.Every 2 seconds a random creep getting 80% of its hit points and being stunned for 3 seconds.Creep being hit twice will die. Bosses and Horseman take 1,2 stun and 10% damage taken from towers instead of getting 80% damage -every 120 seconds make earthquake for 20 seconds.Affected creeps getting 5 percent damage per seconds.Bosses and Horsemans are slowed by 30 percents instead of taking damage -every 55 seconds make a severe wind for 15 seconds.Every creep moving 40 % faster and drop 60% more gold,50 % item chance and quality.Bosses and Horseman drop one more item depends of player item quality -every 95 seconds make a flood for 15 seconds.Creeps moving 85 percent slower and getting 50 percent less damage -Every 600 seconds make a sunny weather for 60 seconds.Creeps giving 20% more gold,30% item quality and 15% more experience -Every 720 seconds make a tsunami.Every creep is killed.Bosses and Horseman affected by tsunami are damaged by 40% current healt,slowed by 20 % for 5 seconds and taking 30 % damage forever Chance of getting abilites : - Blizzard 18% - Thunderstorm 12% - Earthquake 22% - Severe Wind 14 % - Flood 16% - Sunny 13% -Tsunami 5% 1% chance to create Mystic elementar core after completing all elements : This item have all abilites and every 60 seconds using automatically and random abilites - All abilites are hitting all over map - Element of Lighting can drop 5x times and player can hold one in same time - Every tower can hold one Fused elementar core -Duplicates working together with double time with 100 percent longer cooldown