Garrison Commander (Light Card)

Flavor text: An underling of king Arthur, responsible for the wellbeing of his soldiers. Stand strong!: For every guard on the map, a soldier will spawn at the guard's range (every guard will spawn one) that "fights" (stuns) the enemy. Duration depends on Garrison Commander level and type of enemy (Mass has x2 duration than normal. Normal has x2 duration than Boss/non-mass Challenge). Soldiers respawn after every round (or depends on Garrison Commander level/atk spd maybe?) This tower DOESN'T COUNT AS A GUARD to prevent mass spamming this tower. Presence of the king: When a king Arthur is built, soldier duration increases and spawns additional soldier per guard. Not stackable. ----- The reason why I suggested this is because I'm bothered by the fact that I dont use king arthur due to the existence of Lucifer. And I'd rather put Excalibur to the latter. I feel like Arthur should be Legend or Unique, but that just my opinion.