Gathering Card/Deck Ideas here

Hello, since there are quite a few different Card/Deck Ideas roaming around i would like to start a this general "gathering" topic. The goal is simply to give an overview of the different Ideas floating around. Which might make it easier for Andy to follow all the Ideas coming in. Some simple Rules here: #1 Do not discuss the Card Ideas in this topic! Post it here and a different post to discuss that single tower #2 No personal statements here. ("Bah, that idea is dumb" "I just LOVE it" etc) #3 Please keep the Card in this topic up to date. This means, if the discussion in the other Topic shows results/changes to your idea, update it here! #4 Basics you have to add on your card idea are: 4.1 Race (Dark, Metro, Nature....) 4.2 Gender (Male / Female / Neutral) 4.3 Focus on starting stats (like medium range, low dmg and high speed [or if you can add numbers]) 4.4 Add Special Effects (if there are any. Be it Splash or whatever suits the topic of your Card) 4.5 Probably add a Card Text 4.6 Try to prevent Wall of Texts. Give it an order! 4.7 Probably some backround how you got your idea (if you want ^^, buts thats not nessecary at all) #5 If you post a "Deck" or "Race" Idea, dont just say "i would think a deck with the light topic would fit in" Add some more Informations about that idea. Even if its just "Well, i'm not talking about Angels or Gods here. I'm talking about the physical instance of the word "light", Sun rays, Fire or even an oversized Laser Pointer if you like". #6 Hopefully you guys agree and use this topic. Probably Andy will go to make this a Sticky Topic, always on the top.

Okay, so i will just start off with my own Ideas. I want to introduce a new Deck Type. The Deck Type will be called "Light". Andy said it was already planned by his side a while ago. But he never mentioned, in what direction it should go. So here we go. I would like to have Towers which reflect the nature of light in the deck. With light i mean the Physical Instance of the word. Run Rays, Heat, Dehydration etc. Since i would like to see some kind of "Celestial [heavenly]" Type deck, it would be counterpdoructive to have Angels/Gods in here.

I want to introduce: Name: Magnifier Type: Light Gender: None Range: Medium (2 would be sutiable i think) Dmg: Very low (3-5) Speed: Very high (0.7-0.9 ?) Special Effect #1: Chance to Dehydrate the Target on hit (1.5% chance to slow Target by 12.5%) Special Effect #2: Focussed Rays: Each Attack (from whatevr magnifier is on the field) in the next 5 sec increases the chance (by 0,25%) to Dehydrate (12,5% +0,05%slow per attack Stacked) the target. The dehydration itself does not STACK but can be overwritten by a stronge/newer effect of the same type. Card Text: "Best used to fry the small Ants" Card Idea: Thought we could need another supportive Tower out in the Field. So i thought about the light topic, and remembered my cousin, who used to torture Ants in his younger years.

Further i want to introduce: Name: Enigmatic Prism Type: Light Gender: Neutral / potential Female since its kind of a gem? Range: Medium (2-3) Dmg: Medium (somewhere like scarfrace +20% base dmg) Speed: Medium (around 1.5-1.8) Special Effect1: Every magnifier in Range will Channel his Sunbeam on the Prism, splitting up the light into its colours. Special Effect2: Every time a Sunbeam hits the Prism it splits in 1 (+1 Colour on Level20, +1 Colour on 50). The Rays get shot into a RANDOM direction and dmg on impact (no targeting) Colours: White, (40%) chance to exhaust(slow of 35% for 3 sec) 25% of dmg dealt. Purple ray reduces armor 25%(for 3sec), 15% dmg, Yellow is just extremely powerful +2.5% chance to exhaust and 125%dmg, Red sets the target aflame for 250%dmg over 4 sec. 50% initial dmg. Green just deals 75% dmg(increasing "green"[Ber?] dmg by 7.5% for 5sec). Card Text: "Twinkle, Twinkle litte Star" <--- This one is definitly negotiable! I think it just looks awesome ^^ if light gets split into its colours. Just turn around a CD and look at it on different angles... (wow im not sure if "angles" is right there ^^') *Maybe the Magnifier focussing on the prism change colour and card descrition to channel colour "Magnifier:Red" Maybe the secondarys can increase with both tower Levels? (e.x Burn effect: +0,5% initial Dmg/Prism level +2% Burn dmg per Magnifier Level)