Goblin Marketplace (Unique tower)

- Can be enabled and disabled -Transmuting 25 rare (yellow towers) into one unique or legendary tower -Transmuting 25 rare items into one unique or legendary item -Transmuting 100 rare potions into random Dust potion.Every next potion needs 100 more potions Equipped Dungeon door have 15% chance to spawn two goblins instead of one

This could be interesting. For items, I think 50 items per unique item is a bit more balanced. It still might be too strong. Once all the uniques have dropped, it could be labeled as sold out. I think Andy supports games not being guaranteed to drop all items or towers. Maybe this could come with the trade-off of reducing the allowable unique drops by one each time it is used. In other words, if you just want card dust, then this is a bad idea. But if you want a certain unique card, then this could get you that card, for a price that includes eliminating another unique drop from the game.

Yeah this could be a way to get all towers in game,sometimes missing one tower and it ruin a game 😁 I think dusts are now more important,especially health for Nature towers and if Andy will remove limit,we can go 999 lvl + Also +5 levels potions can be used for Thor levels,now is hard to get high level for him