God of Death ,

A rare tower card that would have the ( i hope scaling with level) passive , to instantly kill a creep under a certain amount of Health , lets say under 5% for lvl 1 ? or is it too much ?

Hello, its me, Ontrose, crusher of dreams and ideas ;) Okay, maybe you should give some more informations about your idea? -Does that effect scale with level or towerstats? If yes, HOW? -Is it an on hit property or an aura? If its an aura, what range, what intervall etc -Which Race? -Which rarity? etcetc ^^ This thing cant even be "judged" properly, since just about 99% of the informations are missing =) feel free to add it

Okie so i about the 'scaling with level' i said hopefully , meaning that i do not know what will the impact on the game be , it could be like the beaver , if it scaled with levels it might get too strong ... as for race i would suggest it to be in the 'nature' deck , hence there aren't much yellow 'nature' cards i believe , but as for the ability i think it fits more in to the 'darkness' and since in my opinion the cards ability is quite strong , i think it should be yellow ( i kind of mentioned it above without noticing lol) its not aura , more like a single tower passive. As for scaling with level ... believe it should be capped if it does actually scale ... if a creep is under lets say , 33%HP it would get one shot ... but isnt that a bit too much ? or for a level 99 tower its good ? i have no idea.

Mhhm, to be honest with you, i dont really see the point. We have to look how this TD works. Normally the 5% mark does not mean anything. Until very late in the bonus rounds, you will most likely isntant kill everything or at least in bigger steps like 20%+ per hit. On the other hand it would steal many kills, so it cannot really be used since you lose stacks (Ripper,Seelenrei├čer) for such builds. Then you would have to consider, does it work on bosses or challange enemys? If no.... well then the last straw of hope is gone. I personally dont like the idea of this ability, just due to the fact that it seems quite useless and probably contraproductive for me.