Gold+unique card suggestion

I love the new additions to the game!! But as I was playing through the bonus round, it occurred to me that my hero card wasn't really useful for that part of the game (I chose it, and it was good for the game, so I'm not at all complaining; quite the opposite, I love the heroes!) I was thinking, though, that an un-lockable gold & unique card could change this, unless it's a mechanic you prefer to work as-is and no other way, in which case, I totally get that. Perhaps the card could not have a chance to drop before lvl 450, so you wouldn't be even remotely guaranteed to get it every game. What I propose is a potion card "Martyr's Poison" "Only to be used by those with true dedication" (or something, by all means, feel free to change the name and blurb - I'm not terribly creative ~_^) Can be fed to any tower, and will destroy any tower, however it will have no other effect on a tower under lvl 99. When fed to a lvl 99 tower, tower is destroyed, but allows you to choose a new hero for the remainder of the game. I was thinking the card doesn't necessarily have to say what lvl counts as "truly dedicated", nor what the potion actually does - it requires true dedication, after all, to find out if the sacrifice was worth it, and trial and error would tell the user what effect it has (personally, I like the idea of "surprise effect" cards, but by no means does this have to be the way it works.) Thanks for all your hard work - it really shows in the game - and thank you for taking the time to look at this suggestion ^_^

Hi Monkeybuttorama! Thanks for your suggestion. Right now I think that there are not much heroes to help with the end-game (at this point the towers themselves are so OP that the hero doesn't even matter anymore). I could think of the horadric mage to gather cards faster.. But maybe I'm overseeing some options here :-D. Maybe you can give some examples? Any more opinions on this card idea? Would you like to have this option to switch your hero?

I really, really, don't like the option to change your hero at any point during a single game.

I gave your question a few days of thought, Andy, and I don't think I'm creative enough with regards to mechanics for that, but... perhaps a hero that has multicrit or enhances potion effects (both newly consumed and those already used) or perhaps a way to equip one additional item per tower or something along those lines (though I think that might be overly difficult to implement) or perhaps one which increases attack speed/crit/damage in relation to tower level, rather than a set amount (Mind you, I don't know if any of these already exist; I haven't unlocked everything or whatever, so please excuse if I'm giving suggestions you've already implemented or discounted)

Thanks for sharing! Enhancing potion effects is a cool idea, but will be really hard to balance in order not to make it the OP hero everyone would go for. Cause whatever carry you take, quite a LOT of its damage is buffed by potions over time. I like the idea of one more item slot... That, plus one or two strong drawbacks, and we would have an amazing, new legendary hero :-)