Hexing Scepter ( Legendary item )

Everyone can be everyone Have an ability to change creeps into different creeps +35 % damage to Ber +25 % damage to Fal - 60 % damage to Vex Hex - 4 % chance on hit to hex a non boss,non challenge creep into different random creep (for example cultist into mass,steady into fly,ghost into cultist, Fast into slow,rich into normal,loot into wizdom,Vex into Fal,Ber into Vex …) Max 1 creep every round +1 creep at tower level 29 +1 creep at tower level 99 1% chance to hex a boss or challenge.Hexed Boss or challenge is slowed by 15 % percent and have 25% hit points. So this can be fun and also can get some cultists(Necromonion can be more useful)after reaching final wave for survival mode