Hi again.... about "light" tower that was introduced roughly 12 months ago...

This post is actually based on a post 12 months ago, that Ontrose posted it about having a new race "light" tower, these are the towers that were introduced and sort of discussed before. I feel that perhaps we should dig this post out and throw some new ideas into this race... Just putting some towers that Ontrose and I (perhaps there are some missing names feel free to add in) think of: Magnifier (white): Channels the Sun-Rays onto a target. Deals more dmg the longer it attacks the same target. 1% (+0,01% per sec channeling and +0,01% chance per level) Chance to cause Hypothermia, which exhausts enemies and slowing them by 5-10% (10% normal creeps, 5% boss/Challange) Text “Best used to fry Ants” Class: Supportive, high base attack speed, low damage, medium range. Chance multiplys with multiple Glasses focussing on one enemy. Candle (blue): Deal continuous damage to one range around the tower. Whenever the tower deals damage to enemies, it deals another 50% of its damage as burn damage over 1 second to the enemies. This ability can stacks (+5% burn damage per level) Text “not only its fire, but even its omnipresent light can be used as weapon” Flashlight (white): Deal damage to creeps in a straight line. When tower attacks enemies, the first unit received 200% of its damage, followed by 180%, 160% and so on (+1% per level), like 201%, 181%, 161% Text “Night guard’s best choice” The Pope (purple): Something like the opposite of Abyss King When attacking a mass creep, there is a 10% chance to persuade it to become the servant of God (+0.1% chance per level) For every servant, all light tower get +1% crit damage and 0.1% crit chance, and for every 100 servants this tower persuaded, player life +1% (Is it ok if I let the base chance to be lower than Abyss King but include the ability to get player life?) Text “The way, the truth, and the light” Light tower? (Light Kami) (btw light is 'Hikari' in Japanese Ontrose :)) (purple): +0.5% attack range per level to all towers one range around it. This tower shares 20% of its item effect to one range tower around it (+0.5% per level) for example, wooden staff 5% damage, share 0.05% damage to tower around it. legendary, unique and set item cannot share to other towers. Text “Beacon of truth and light” Enigmatic Prism (There are too many stuff we discussed in this tower that I'm not sure how to write it. Forgive me Ontrose if I left out some parts) Without any Magnifier besides it, it only deals with its base damage Special abilities: Each Magnifier channels it sunbeam on the Prism, allowing the Prism to hit an additional target (max 5 targets) First Magnifier unlocks red light, second unlocks orange, and so on. (from red to blue 5 rainbow colour) The first magnifier builds beside prism will automatically change its name to magnifier (Red). And the effect of red will write in the tower description. (This tower level effects the burn damage). The second tower build beside prism will change its name to magnifier (Orange), and the effect will also write on the page. And so on. By using this method, there should be enough space on card, as they only need to put one effect per card Red, sets the target aflame for 250%dmg over 4 sec. 50% initial dmg. Orange, chance to exhaust 25% of dmg dealt Yellow, is just extremely powerful +2.5% chance to exhaust and 125%dmg, Green, just deals 75% dmg. Blue, reduces armor 25%dmg, More magnifiers have no effect. Ways to attack The colour of light beam will rotate based on the number of Magnifier around it. If there is two tower, it will shoot out red beam then orange, then red, and so on. OR: The first Light beam(with cooldown of X depending on AS) and fires the other Rays in perhaps 0,03sec afterwards (Dependant on the first attacks hit. So if you miss first attack no attacks will follow) So we basically got a tower which can attack up to 7 targets at once, OR if there is only one enemy, it hits him 7 times. Every Magnifier above (max targets) increases the speed but 25% and the exhaust chance by 0.5%. Due to personal reason I stopped this game for few months and now I'm back. So perhaps if there are some posts in blog saying we dun need 'light' towers I might not know, please dun hate me for updating a useless post. I just want to gather more ideas for this interesting race, so please dun hate me And so I scroll through some of the posts and find some cool ideas, perhaps ymre's two light towers can be a hell of a good idea as well??? Soooo...... please leaves some comments to this race. (Luckily this forum is full of nice people willing to discuss stuff politely)

I like the idea of "light" as a new race, really. You have some nice ideas out there and I'd like to see Flashlight in the game but it should be considered as a rare tower i think (as it has a uniquea ability and a per level scaling damage). Here are some suggestions on my side: Angel (legendary tower) Upon spawning, an elixer is made that blesses a tower that drink it. (Guardian elixer) For the rest of the game all items that angel have will have a shared effect on the tower that drink the elixer. (set items, blue, rare and unique items only). - 0 base damage - cant use legendary items Celestial Spirit Lord (unique) (Hammer of light) Lord attacks rend its target from all evils, reducing their armor by 5% with each attack for 10 seconds. (max 20 stacks) (Silence!) When Lord gets 20 stacks of Hammer of Light, all the mosters will rend and their armor is reduced by 100% for 10 seconds. (120 second cooldown) - extremely low attack speed - high base damage - 1-2 range

Seeing as how Darkness is very luck-based and sacrificial, it would be cool to see Light be very consistent and beneficial. Not in a Nature way, where the towers are weak but make everyone else good, but more in a "if this tower does well, the towers around it also do well" kinda way. I'd also like to see some interplay with Darkness towers (As Nature and Metro have). Maybe something like "The Crow Queen" 3 range, medium damage, medium speed (Accepts all crows that are within range of her; Uses crows to fire, but receives a bonus to Damage for each crow currently held).

To Midawx I really like the idea of sharing items in angel, which means that the carry can hold on to more than 5 items (while, technically is 6). Just to be clear, this tower is just gonna be purely support, and it can equip set item as well? I mean if no set item, it seems like the effect is quite similar to the light tower I posted above. (if so, I hope that it can equip set item :) ) And for Celestial Spirit Lord, the new idea of reducing 5% armor is quite interesting, but I'm not sure about balancing and stuff perhaps we can have others to comment on it? (I'm not quite sure about 100% armor reduction, it seems too much to me, perhaps 50%?) I think we have too many uncommon and above towers for light race, so I was wondering perhaps we can come out with more common tower? since you mention that, maybe we can remove the level scaling in magnifying glass and increase the base chance to... let say 20% To Romeo Hey we should completely have this kind of thing, but instead of scarecrow, I was actually thinking of Solara as the interplay tower with Darkness. since scarecrow can be use to carry the game itself, maybe let other towers get the chance to shine as well? I notice there is an item called painting of Solea? I dunno the reason behind it, but perhaps we can come out with a tower that is called Solea? Something like: Solea, The Fire Lord She is EXTREMELY HOT!!!, they even have a painting for her! 3 range, slow speed, extremely high damage, (Wildfire, received all fireball within her range, cast out huge ass fireball (the upgraded version) at enemies, creeps within 2 range of target received 40% damage. Damage creeps received 200% fire damage over 10 seconds (+2% per level) (for each fireball she collected, +1% fire damage) This is just some idea flowing around, so feel free to balance this thing :)

The only thing I worry about there, is that Solera already has a bit of utility as is, thanks to her built in splash effect (Throw a pair of Frozen items on her and stand back). Scarecrow is either carry, or useless (Just like Huli, but less useless).