Howl: The wolves start in on their prey as a pack. The damage of all the other wolves get added to the alpha wolves damage, only the alpha can attack for the duration of this active ability. Cooldown=x( x means I am not sure) I think this would be cool, I have quite a few ideas but this is the first that came to mind.

Would add some more utility to the Wolf pack. Which is good, because they're still an odd tower at the moment to me.

Yea, i want to get most of the stuff hashed out before it gets to andy so its easier for him yo look at and do if he decides its a good idea.

Yeah. I absolutely love the concept though, Wolves have so much potential, I'd love to see them become more viable.

Mhhm well, i like to be the scapegoat and take the fun out of the current idea but: -You have shitloads of wolves on your field -you would have a certain time, you instantkill everything (might even challanges and riders) -you would have a long long cooldown ;) where you would still leak The idea itself is basically the same with the Pubs. Who uses the pubs for lategame? The duration is too short and the cooldown too long, while the effect itself is pretty strong. This idea definitly is interessant but theres a lot of tweaking and discussion to do =) Maybe more like "Fury of the Pack" -each attack without a break (more or less like the item which gives bonus dmg), increases the Alpha damage for each wolf/wolflevel on the field. This ability will be rather potent on the bonus waves, but got the risk to get resettet. (speedwave and afterwards slow wave) Having the possiblity of have a 2nd "Alpha" wolf would be a fine option too, or a tower with the "wolfskin cloak" to be the alpha...

You could have an omega tower ( female equivalent of an alpha and one step down from the alpha ) I used howl as the name as howling may be used by wolves to communicate their intentions.

Well, just threw my five cents into. But the idea of howling, needs some more consideration, due to the cooldown. Nice to kill challange eary/midgame but for the long run it would be not that useful i guess...

Well, we got the wolfskin cloak, why not make a 2 item set out of it? 2 Items: Wolfskin Cloak: Well, pretty much already exists in the way it should be. Helmet of the Beastmaster (or whatever ^^) Rarity: Unique/Legendary Look: Maybe some kind of Bear/Wolf head, like in some Movies? Stats: Open for suggestions, no unlimited stacking i hope ^^ Ability: Automatically be the Pack Leader/Alpha. (No shared EXPs so far) Setbonus: 2 Items: This tower does not only count as Alpha wolf, but he fully counts as a wolve (Shared experience) and his favorite (Highest wolf, real wolf, Wolfskin cloak is not enough!) will be the Omega Wolf, receiving half the pack bonus. Or add a third item and another Bonus: Defending Terretory: Active Ability: As long as one wolf got the attacking Range, the Alpha and Omega Wolves can attack the target. (cooldown 60 seconds, duration 3-5 seconds) Third Item has to be unique or legendary OR the active ability has to be the 2 part bonus ;) and shared Cooldown.

I really like this idea it seems pretty bad ass

I like thi idea :D I would take plus critchanche per lvl as stats. a liitle like the mummy bandages with crit chanche