Huginn and Munnin

Based on Norse mythology, they are a pair of ravens who bring information to Odin. Huginn is "thought", while Munnin is "memory". Based on their role in mythology, I thought they would be great as 'items' in the game. Huginn(Gathering) [Item] > Cannot be removed once equipped. > -10% Experience > Once the equipped tower reaches lvl 99, turn into "Huginn(Returning)" Huginn(Returning) [Potion] > The tower that drinks this potion will be able to equip "Munnin(Gathering)" > +1 Base Dmg per level Munnin(Gathering) [Item] > +1% Dmg per tower kill > +1% Atk Spd per tower kill > After 10 waves, turn into "Munnin(Returning)" > If this item is unequipped before 10 waves have passed, turn into "Munnin(Lost)" Munnin(Returning) [Potion] > When imbibed, grants the ability(adjust for balance) of the tower that "Munnin(Gathering)" was on. > -100% Crit Chance Munnin(Lost) [Potion] > +0.1% Dmg per tower kill > +0.1% Atk Spd per tower kill