Idea on transmuting

as I saw the new improvement on the transmuting I realized that I don't really like the " 4 rare item -> 1 rare item " thing. I though it might be a cool thing to add few super rare item. But still it would be sad if those 'super rare item' are too over powered and need only 4 rare item to be transmuted, right? so what about: 8 rare item -> 35% chance super rare item (the remaining % means you get a rare item) then the implementation of a rare item (or super rare, it depends) that grants you 5 or 10% on transmuting a super rare item. A good name for it could be "Jar of cupidity".

Hmm that's an interesting idea.. However the current concept works a bit different. 4 rare items -> 1 rare POTION :-) Also 4 rare towers -> 1 rare ITEM So actually you get for your 4 rares something better, a potion card!