item idea

Bkack hole and White hole they work like wedding rings effect : when two different towers get those items after 1min two towers swap their locations for the while they cant attack and items disappear

This wouldnt be used much as most of us have towers where they need to be at the start.

cuz backside towers are hard to get level i dont need this too but it will be useful to someone

Well, i think the idea isnt too bad. But!!! There is somethin i would like to see different. I would like to see, that it is only useable once! So maybe make it a potion instead? A single potion, that will instantly swap the two towers (Mirrage Rings). "potion of phaseshift" or whatever. Even though, items are fine 2 things are so annoying that they probably wont be used: Not beeing able to attack (if it counts for the whole min) and losing items. What if you lose lets say, Excalibur or even worse the Blood Demons Sword? I mean you forget the sword for whatever reason and the boom! wasted 397 lives for nothin... Instant shift potion would at least be used ^^