Item Idea: Black Hole/ White Hole

Legendary Black Hole: +20% Att Speed, +10% Luck White Hole: +20% Att Speed, +20% CritDmg Every time the carrier of black hole attacks a creep, there is a 5% (+0,1%/lvl) Chance to suck it up and release it near the carrier of the white hole. For every tile the creep gets teleported back it recovers a certain amount of HP and gets additional Armour. For every tile the creep gets teleported forward the it looses a certain amount of HP.

Nice, would be kind of a set but used on different carriers. I think that would open up a lot of new crowd control strats..

Yeah, that is an interesting idea. You'd need a sort of global-type set. If you implement this global set, it might be interesting to make some others. I'll post my other idea which is starting to get pretty complicated.

I think there are a lot of good items that gain Damage and would love to see some new items that change the way of playing. I rally suck at crowd control, what gave me this idea. I like the global set idea, this is another posibillity to link two towers and give them a special ability. But it could also become a normal set with a special bonus if a tower wears both items. The tower could suck up a creep and poison it or something like that..