[Item Idea] Pint of Guinness

Item – Rare (Yellow Gem) Name: Pint of Guinness Description: A creamy and smooth brew with a taste of coffee, malts, and hints of dark chocolate. SKILL: Heady Brew The attack damage of towers in 1 range is increased by 10% - - - - - - - - - - - - - - An item to complement Herb Witch/Herb Witch's Cauldron via the Irish Pub. Guinness has two n's, by the way :D

I really like this potion! Especially as I really enjoy drinking Guinness :-D Also, shame on me that I misspelled this wonderful beverage in the Irish Pub description. I fixed that typo right ahead!

Hi Andy, Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was a good idea for this to be a potion or not, as it seems to be a pretty potent potion! Which is why I suggested it as an item. But it sorta does make more sense to be a potion, really, because it's a drink ^^ And no worries. You can't be expected to catch every typo you make within hundreds (thousands?) of lines of code and such.

Hey, yeah you are right. I must admit, I misunderstood your idea in the first place, complement Herb Witch's Cauldron with this item :-) I agree, in terms of balancing this is much better to be an item than a potion! Maybe we could make it a Barrel of Guinness? Barrell - Cauldron maybe form a better group than Pint - Cauldron?

Btw. congratz for #1 in the ladder ;-)

Barrel definitely makes more thematic sense ^^ Yeah, I woke up this morning after leaving it running - was a little disappointed I only got to 20,5000 seconds, lol.