[item idea] Robotic arm

name Robotic arm rarity: rare, unique or legendary effect: every time the tower with robotic arm attacks the arm will attack a creep, other than original tower's target applying damage and on-hit effects of the tower. Since this is probably quite powerful it could also trigger every second (third?) attack. Another possible downside: Robotic arm is hard to operate, but you learn as you use it: -60% attack speed. Every 10 attacks this debuff is reduced by 1%, up to -30% attack speed. Attack speed reduction is halved for metropolis towers, since they have heard for technology before.

Hello T4c1, If this should be an yellow (or higher) item, the debuff sounds way too weak. The point is, this Item would be way too overpowered in lets say a Shadow combination or probably even on the Ripper, since both towers got abilitys that infinitly stack. Just think about a shadow, on wave 100 you can have him on max speed (Lets say, the yellow boots, a mushroom, robot arm and either lucky pants or MR + some pots). What kind of stack farming he would be able to do, with a extra attack which triggers the MR AND his ability? New heights for the Shadow... BUT on the other hand, this Item will probably make Solara run in the midgame :/ so im a bit twisted. Why not a different way: The Kybernetic Set: Kybernetic Eye Enhancement: Helmet (some kind of Sci-Fi glasses) Gives the User a keen insight of the enemys movement. Crit dmg increased by 50% Critchance increased by 10% Rarity Blue Kybernetic Arms: Doc'Octopus style arms (for the pciture 2 Arms) Every 5 Seconds the arms attack units closes to the tower (Range 1, 50% tower dmg, no effects applied. Attack Speed lowers cooldown, down to 1s) Oh yeah! RC Arms! Rarity Blue Kybernetic Leg Enhancement: You can run like the Wind! Gives the tower a huge speed bonus. (Would say, more or less like the yellow boots. Maybe fixed 75-100% but no level increase here) Rarity Yellow Kybernetic Armor (Torso): The Stalwart Defender Gives the Wizard 10 bonus Life and the tower additional mass. +10 Life +25% dmg +(0,5-1%)/Level Unique (Purple) Careful! Unquipping might kill you! (if you have 10 or less lifes left!) Setbonus: 2 Setitems: The arms attack EVERY field around the tower but dmg is reduced to 35% 3 Setitems: Through the Eye Enhancement you can hit the soft spots on the targets, dealing 25% Pure Dmg. (Or a decent amount of Armor penetration here) 4 Setitems: Regenerates every 25 rounds a single life for the wizard (Maybe every 15? If you break the et the counter for the 25/15 rounds gets reset to 0) Well, dunno if such a thing would suit you too... I'm not sure if "Kybernetic" is right here. I think it means soemthin like "fusion between organic and mechanical parts" Maybe I'm totally wrong with the word... feel free to improve it ^^

Man you havent posted in a while ontrose, but anyhow I think you have it a bit weak as is for a 4 set, not feeling it, not sure how I would tweak it yet, still thinking.

Well Leo, I always check it while working... Quite a bit of free time here ;) But i was on vacation meeting some friends for a while. The items itself... well they are not too strong i give you. BUT! The Set-Boni are incredible strong. 25% pure dmg. Dmg whcih gets not reduced. and of course, the "life regen" buff. Maybe it could be 10 waves (counter including the bonus waves). You could use the Blood Demon and have a few lives to spare. This set is not intendet for your Main Carry. We got enough strong items around already. But i might be worth it for the Anti-Air Iron Man? Or the secondary Carry if you miss some legendary Stuff/Dark Forge. *Maybe make it racial set? Lets say, "Due to the affinty to Technology All stats are doubled for Metro towers" but I'm open to suggestions. But i think, an item which just gives an additional attack would be too strong, especially if it scales too tightly with the AS of the tower. Thats why suggested a whole set.

Hey ontrose if you get the chance I could use some help adding info to the wiki. http://mazebert.wikia.com/wiki/Towers#Darkness

Hi, guys! I like the idea of my arm being reworked into a set, but i would prefer to keep the original arm, even as a unique item, attacking only every third time the tower does and with attack speed debuff. I think it has to be directly tied to towers attack speed - attacking once per second is quite weak, when your carry can dish out more than 10 attacks per second(btw. even reaching the cap - 60 attacks per second is achievable). But i don't like the idea of getting even more life with it - it would be either barley noticeable if you keep the numbers low, or totally op with the blood deamon, which is good enough already. The name Cybernetic seems OK name for the set (except that you misspelled it ;)), however bionic might be better, since its meaning is closer to “fusion between organic and mechanical parts”. My idea for the Cybernetic set: Bionic arm Look! I have three arms! Unique Every third time the tower with robotic arm attacks the arm will attack a creep, other than original tower’s target applying damage and on-hit effects of the tower. Powered exoskeleton Massively increases strength of the wearer Rare +100% damage Head-up display Displays all the relevant info about your targets Uncommon The towers damage is no longer reduced against one armor type Computer Keeps everyone and everything in sync Uncommon 10% armor penetration for all towers in range 1, but no tower can get bonus from more than one computer. All set items have the following downside: Technology is hard to operate, but you learn as you use it: -50% attack speed. Every 10 attacks this debuff is reduced by 1%, up to -25% attack speed. Attack speed reduction is halved for metropolis towers, since they have heard for technology before. 3 set items: 40% armor penetration 4 set items: Bionic arm attacks every second time the tower does

Well, lets look for the middlground then ^^ For lategame evern 3rd/2nd towerhit a freehit is TOO strong. Lets go up to 5th/4th hit and skip the "effect of hits". Every 2nd hit would be a 50% dmg bonus (of the TOTAL dmg, not the only the "dmg bonus") And now add abilitys to it. More Critfarming for the new Dark Guy, for Shadow. For Headup Display, i would suggest to introduce a new dmg type, so far we got 3 Types of dmg, each with one str and one weakness. Give this dmg type no str or weakness against all types of armor. With your 3 Item bonus, do you mean the aura to increase to 40% or just for the current tower? Would vote against the aura increase here ^^

Middleground eh? OK I agree - arm on its own is slightly too powerful on its own. Lets make it then every fourth hit. This make it increase damage and on hit scaling by 25%. I think this is OK for a unique item (Compare it to blade of darkness or lucky pants). But full set bonus might as well stay as powerful as it is - yes you get 50% increase in damage and scaling, but you cant have any other items on the same tower - no multicrit, luck, messerschmit, mummy bandages, seelenreiser or blood deamon blade (that is the reason i designed it as a 4-item set). And you have -100% attack speed even after the tower wears the set for some time (and -200 when you equip the set).Mister iron would get only -50% attack speed, but he already attacks two targets so the effective bonus to his damage would be halved. And you get hardly any other bonuses noticable in lategame - the only one is 50% armor penetration - which is close to dried cactus on lv. 100 tower (in lategame the carry is level 100). And even this is useless if you have a semi-decent Knusperhexe. I would like to keep the on hit effects for scaling - they were part of original idea, when i thought of robotic arm. Anyway i don't think this is a set for the main carry - more like for a secondary shadow or a support tower. For Head-up display i dont have any arguments - i simply prefer my idea to yours ;). 3 item bonus is ofc tower only. That aura thing could be too powerful on a support tower - that is the reason the bonus from aura to be limited to one computer only.

Still, my main concern is that Shadow and Ripper will benefit much much more of it then any other tower, due to their unlimited stacking abilitys, if they have on hit/attack properties. I dont really mind about solara or whatever, but it means because of an item they get 25% more stacks (with every fourth attack). Shadow has been the go to carry last version. The only viable option for the big scores... Don't want it to happen again, to be honest

Yeah, a Ripper with a 0.1 attackspeed and 100% critical will be getting 12-13 bonuses per second, which is nuts. Shadow could also get re-boosted back to over-powered status, though I'm not sure. Still an interesting concept.