[Item Idea] Wolfskin Cloak (IMPLEMENTED)

Item - Uncommon (Blue) Name: Wolfskin Cloak Description: Even a sheep can look like a wolf in the right clothing. Skill 1: One With the Pack Towers levels count as though the tower was a wolf, adding to total pack level. Skill 2: Packleader If tower wearing the cloak is the highest level in the pack it takes the lead gaining the following for every level in the pack. +0.5% crit chance. +2.0% crit damag Special feature: can only drop from creeps killed by wolves. (Including the wearer of these cloaks)

I think this is an excellent idea! +1 from me!

It's kinda nice, but wolves aren't very attractive anymore. It's a big no for me. Sorry.

@Manuwins Thats why I like this idea. Wolves really need a little boost :-)

I was so caught in the math I didn't even realize the item effect. In short: -4 towers at 99 being wolves and you get 'decent' boost. -Rearguard stacked with keys and cloaks. Or Mr. Iron with at least 8 on him. (Considering he can eat them!) -Result: only good for mid game. Too bad it's impossible to get 4 towers at 99 in early and in mid game. @Andy I think this item wouldn't be really nice to have, it would lessen the chance for other more usefuller items to drop. The only way I wouldn't consider this item a waste would be changing the second effect in: If the tower [...] +0.5% CC +4% CD +4% D. And Mr. Iron capable of stacking the item.

Key of Wisdom doesn't stack when Mr. Iron eats them - or so I thought. Love the idea of a wolf item though! Sounds awesome, would actually make me try running wolves.

Ive had my mr iron eat keys. You can see that the exp effect happens more then once every key cycle so I believe they stack.

Well, it used to be the case - maybe with the changes to Mr. Iron @Andy allowed multiple keys to be eaten?

Yes this was fixed in 0.9.3. Before it was only one key.

I implemented this idea tonight! It's slightly modified, mostly based on the input of @ManuWins. But the original idea and spirit is preserved I think! Please check it out: wolfskin-cloak

"Special feature: can only drop from creeps killed by wolves. (Including the wearer of these cloaks)" - does this apply, Andy? I think it'd give you incentive to build Wolves if so :)