Item Ideas

Monocle +1 attack range Binoculars +2 attack range Sniping Scope + 10% crit chance + 25% crit damage If carrier has 4+ range, double the effect

Attack range is very powerful in this game. I've proposed similar items before, but with a hefty penalty. e.g. binoculars: +1 range, -100% attack speed Even with the -100% attack speed, I think this item is too strong. I also proposed something like a monk's blindfold: -1 range, +1 multicrit, +25% crit chance.

I wrote this before getting/discovering Hades Helmet. So, I now know the big benefit of attack range. But yes, if there is a chance for an earlier access to one, by all means the penalties.

What about sharing exp? -x% exp, but shares exp with the users? Then you can lvl up your supporters, getting higher buffs.