Item: Pair of (wedding) rings.

This will be a unconventional set that I don't think is even possible. A pair of (wedding) rings. Each ring goes on a DIFFERENT tower. (Optional/Prefered) Once on two different towers they are bound to thoes 2 towers (can only be equipped to those 2 towers but can change tower type). When both are equipped to thw two towers every poition used on one of those toweres splits the effect between the 2. (perhaps with a little added bonus?)

Wow! What a brilliant idea :-) I think it could be possible to do.. One ring to rule them all.. Or two in this case.. I think the rings should be unique.. There could Even be a ring for a male tower and the other one for a female, although that restriction might be politically incorrect :-P

I think it's an interesting idea, but it would have to give them a pretty big boost, because the game simply doesn't support a format with more than one carry tower right now (though endless might change that a bit). I was going to say though the male-female thing might be politically incorrect now, you could at least take objects out of the marriage possibility, but the only change that would really make is to nerf the electric chair. Which, let's be honest, needs a buff. Perhaps make it so that the chair cannot be included in this, then give it a buff? But then you'd probably get people holding onto their potions, replacing the chair with a person, using them all, then making it a chair again. I don't know. Perhaps if you use the rings then they are locked in as a specific gender/non-gender? I'm mostly rambling out ideas at this point. By the way, hi! Love the game! Started playing monday, planning on hitting level 50 tonight. I'm a bit addicted.

Having 2 towers will work just fine if one of them is Gib.... that OP tower! Maybe rings of pairing would be better?

Hi Stephen, welcome on board! I agree with you on the marry thing. I would even go a step further: In the mazebert universe towers can marry each other whatsoever gender they are (at least in law ;)) this should bring up a Lot of interesting new strats! One could even add a divorce penalty (towers fighting to get asmany potion buffs back as possible) But I like the concept of pairing, too! Korn its your idea what do you reckon?

I had an idea of how to unpair/devorce them and that would be selling one of the towers causing only that towers ring to be unbound.

Mmmh that feels a bit harsh to me..

Depending on how it handles the sharing of potions and the bonus applied it might call for a harsh punishment. I don't like the idea of being able to freely change the tower they are binded to without a harsh punishment. Perhaps a large loss of XP? maybe half of current level and potion effects?

Half current level seems extremely harsh. How about half current EXP? Then you'd still be quite penalized, but you wouldn't lose ~100 waves worth of exp (depending on level of course).

I'm a bit worried about user experience with such a penalty. For instance, if you take the ring out of the inventory by accident, it should not break the game. A warning like with the destructive potions would be possible, but I'd rather avoid it. What about this: Equally divide boni of both carries. Example: T1 has +120% attack speed T2 has +60% attack speed With rings equipped: T1 has +90% attack speed T2 has +90% attack speed This would be done for all stats.. Integer stats like multicrit would be rounded. As soon as one ring is removed everything is back to normal. I think this could be a bit tricky to implement, but I think it is possible. But beside that what do you think about it?

I was more thinking the bonus from potions is spread between the two and becomes a perm bonus on those 2 towers not simply sharing the effects when the rings are on. Base T1 +0% ASPD T2 +0% ASPD After potion with rings equipped during use T1 +50% ASPD T2 +50% ASPD Rings off T1 +50% ASPD T2 +50% ASPD (that is to say if the towers are the same level) This way you wouldn't have one tower that has all the stats so if you chose to take a ring off you would still have a single tower with all the bonus. If it was done by splitting bonuses when rings are on you would simply put all potions on 1 tower and you can freely change the second ring to any other tower without consequence.

I see. With the split bonus your better tower would automatically be nerfed to the amount the other one is buffed, that's why I considered it. Okay, let's play your suggestion through: T1 and T2 have the rings equipped. Nothing happens initially. A potion of speed is given to T1: T2 gets the effect of the potion, too. An item is equipped to T2. Nothing happens. A potion is equipped to T2. T1 gets the effect of the potion, too. The ring is removed from T1. ? The ring is removed from T2. ? Hey I like this! What about simply substituting the Last two ? With: Nothing happens? To avoid exploits we could say it takes one round until the band of marriage is established?

Ya that works :)

Brilliant! I added this to the feature list of 0.9

I thought of something extra. If there was to be a bonus to this would one such as depending on the rarity of the tower it gets a different% bonus from the potions white - +15% blue - +10% yellow - +5% unique - none and if you change the tower to something else those bonus would change with that?