[Item + Potion Idea] Blue T-Bone Steak + Pan Juices

Item – Unique (Purple Gem) Name: Blue T-Bone Steak Description: A piece of meat so raw it may even still be alive. SKILL 1: Secretion Every round there is a 20% chance for delicious Pan Juices to drop. Yummy. + 0.1% chance per level SKILL 2: Why so critical? The critical strike damage of towers in 1 range is increased by 15% - - - - - - - - - - - - Potion – Common (White Gem) Name: Pan Juices Description: A rich and tasty base for the perfect gravy. Just what an amazing steak needs. EFFECT: Graaaaaavy If the carrier holds a Steak item, the carrier's crit chance is increased by 5% and crit damage is increased by 30%. Pan Juices has no effect on vegetarians.

add a option: ".... for every steak the tower holds"

Well this item could be good BUT if you're thinking about Mr.Iron. This would increase his dammage way to easily, since he's gathering most of the steak :). That why I think @jarecy add this line (:for every steak the tower HOLDS") to fix the problem that Mr.Iron would make. Else this item look average since it's only avaible at round 70/100, because it's purple and at this time crit doesn't affect so much the game play yet. I think the purple item should have more impact than the white one. Because pan juices won't serve a lot but it's going to give a free item/run.