[Item/potion idea] Blood exchange

Swipe to sacrifice -40% shield/life in exchange for purple cards(monster/item/potion) :D

40% to much, maby make a purple item that saps 1 level every xx seconds , Higher levels will yield a better reward.

I prefer to acquire purple items on early waves risking 40% of life, making the blood exchange card white or blue type

That's a really cool idea. I guess it would be a unique item, but with a recipe for transmutation (like it is the case with the horadric cube right now). Only problem I see in terms of usability is that the card could be transmuted by accident.. Other than the horadric cube, this would be no fun in some cases. So we would need a dialog (similar to the negative potions) that asks the player if he is absolutly sure to do it.

Also, in terms of the bonus: One possibility would be to increase the item quality for all towers. Another one would be to reduce the required item level of all drops.. Depends on what you mean by 'in exchange for purple cards'.

My initial idea was that I wanted a purple card item like excalibur even if it takes my 40% life on wave < 20 and that is all I need :) But its still up to you. Thank you very much

I don't like this idea for exactly for niXful last statement. 40% of the life for Excalibur is a joke.

If you can't choose the item. Given random purple item, you can't know what's coming, and it gives only 4 chances at maximum (200%-40%-40%-40%-40%=40%, once more is game over)

Yeah, 40% is too much. so.... 5% for a random purple item XD or 40% life for additional 40% random bonus(item quality or item chance) of all towers I could live with that :D

5% life on any purple item... Spend ten skill points on Protector and you just received nearly 40 tries! There is not even that many purple items on the game! And what is the point having it THAT low... 25% could suit it better? Having every purple item before first horseman is very spoiling. (No harm intended.)

For that conversion of hp to ic/iq... That sounds better... Numbers can always be adjusted.