Items Furnace

This tower has only two inventory slots. When the furnace is opened, items will be consumed. After 60 seconds, the furnace has a 20% chance to merge the two items to produce a new item, This new item has doubled attributes, You can't fuse legendary, unique, or set items.Only the same items can be fused.Only damage, attack speed, crit chance and crit damage can be fused.you can fuse items that have been fused,Failure to merge also consumes items. + 0.2% chance per level

Woah, I really like this idea! Simple and sweet.

Balance analysis Take the Rare T-Bone Steak as an example.Assuming that the fusion chance is 80%. Fusion_Level____Minimum_consumption___Average_Consumption____Crit_chance___Crit_damage 1_______________________2___________________2.5_________________+20%_________+260% 2_______________________4___________________6.25________________+40%_________+520% 3_______________________8___________________15.6________________+80%_________+1040% 4_______________________16__________________39__________________+160%________+2080% 5_______________________32__________________98__________________+320%________+4160% 6_______________________64__________________244_________________+640%________+8320% 7_______________________128_________________609_________________+1280%_______+16640% 8_______________________256_________________1524________________+2560%_______+33280% It can be seen that the earlier stage is stronger, and the later stage is weaker. It takes about 500 K seconds to consume 1524 Rare T-Bone Steak. + 30,000% of the damage has little effect at 500 K seconds. But consumption is waste. It's also an embarrassing question, and it would be better if it were replaced with potions. Moreover, Yggdrasil is very strong at the moment.Simple injury doubling is strong in the early stage and weak in the later stage. So, I have an idea that different fusion levels have different injury promotion.

It's an interesting idea, but it requires a lot of code and lots of pictures.

Maybe at lvl 99 the furnance could be able to merge legendary and unique items. So there is a posibillity to create a very good item but with the huge risk of loosing a legendary. Or is this to brocken?

@Cayenne - I think that would be the kind of RNG that'd feel quite bad if it goes wrong. Since it only works with identical items, it would not work with uniques either way, except the Scepter of Time where you can have two of them in theory. My grain of salt with this is, that it is currently outperformed by Mr Iron pretty easily. Or even transmuting those items in order to get rare potions..

That's a good point. If there was a chance of breaking, it would be pretty painful to get two level 6 rare steaks and have them both go poof instead of getting a level 7. Maybe only have the breaking chance for base items and level 1 enhancement? If at all.