Legendary Light Tower Ken! (Cameo appearance spoilers)

I decided to make a familiar face appearance as a tower for the suggestion haha Name : Ken, Swordsman General Flavor text: “Hello there.” Costs 4,200 gold/cookies Male Rarity: Legendary 3s Attack Speed 3 Range 50-100 Damage Vex Ability - Master Swordsman: Ken ignores the requirement for Plasmablade’s activation and doubles the chance of GT 1’s attack. Ability - The High Ground: Whenever a creep damages you, there is a .1% chance to offset that damage instead. (+.1% per level. Ignores luck) Send feedback please and thanks for viewing!

Love the lore texts :-D So how would the high ground work? A creep damages you and you roll that chance (ignoring luck) you get healed instead?

I was thinking more of like it ignored the creep’s damage done to you completely instead of just a heal, but that could also potentially work as well!

Ah thanks for the clarification. I think the way you had it is better. That's a new unique ability not seen in the game yet. I like it!