Light deck - Choir Boy

Name: Choir Boy Attack: Fal Range: 3 Cooldown: 2s Element: Light Gender: Male Rarity: Common Damage: 7-12 ? Lore: This musical prodigy will charm your heart Ability: creeps moving toward this tower move 25% faster, creeps moving away move 25% slower. (moving between two has no effect) While this sounds like the ability is totally neutral. The travel time is increased when you do half of your trip at 25% faster speed and half at 25% slower: you spend more time going slow than fast. It could also be used to create choke points for splash towers.

Nice! Would suggest uncommon rarity, to fit with metro Elvis. Also, could we combine it with frozenedge's choir suggestion? 50% chance to be Male or Female It would then be either Choir Boy / Choir Girl.