Light deck Idea

I was thinking about a new playstyle for this deck. It would be really cool if some the light cards could envolve somehow. How about a unique Light deck card like this for example Name: Throne of light Attack: 2-2 Range: 2 Cooldown: 5s Element: Light Gender: None Ability: Soul saver Every creep killed in his range will surrender his soul to the throne of light and this soul will randomly distributed to a light tower in range Holy blessing Every tower in range gets a huge boost of morale and gains +15% Dmg and crit Dmg It is the light equivalent to the king of abyss. If a light tower collects a certain amount of souls and reaches a certain lvl the tower will evolve to a higher stage. So could light towers lvl up in two differet ways but to envolve they need to be in range of the throne and the more light towers are in range the longer it takes for them to evolve. What do you think?

Love the idea of evolving towers, especially if they have an upgrade cost. Gold in Mazebert sometimes seems arbitrary as you often seem to be able to afford an entire map of towers, including big ticket towers and replacements. I think limiting evolving to the light deck is interesting, as it'd call for a different playstyle when you pick the deck. But, instead I could see all common towers being able to evolve, which would make them more appealing as carries.

The upgrade cost is a good idea. Maybe i could be a certain percent of the players money plus a fix amount of gold. This way even in the late game the player cant envolve every tower and break the game