light deck - proxy idea - Cherub

Name: Cherub Attack: Ber Range: 3 Cooldown: 1.5 s Element: Light Gender: Male Damage: 5-11? Lore: The lesser of angel-kind, but they still shoot to kill. Ability: Each cherub in range of each other gain 10% damage (+1% per lvl) and 5% crit chance (+0.1% per level) This is a typed up tower idea submitted by Nathandrake283 on discord. I like the idea of the cherubs giving each other bonuses instead of gaining bonuses from others. It feels more balanced that way too. An example to show the difference. Imagine a level 50 cherub in the middle of several level 1 cherubs. In the original suggestion, the level 50 would get 10% (+50% from levels) damage and 5% (+5% from levels) for each cherub even though they're level 1. Irish Pub and Herb witch don't work this way, and I like the way they feel. There would be no reason to level up the helper cherubs in this example.

Nice! I think common is too soon, might be a fine uncommon tower?