Light deck - Sunbeam

Name: Sunbeam Attack: Ber Range: 3 or 4 Cooldown: 1.5 s Element: Light Gender: None Rarity: Common Damage: 5-18 ? Ability: Creeps hit by this tower are illuminated and take 2% increased damage. If the ideas that YBone suggested are implemented, this could be a level 1 stack of his towers' damage increasing effects. Maybe make it more interesting like this: light towers do +5% damage, nature does +2%, metro does +1%, darkness does -5% damage. These bonuses could be increased by a lot if the light deck is balanced around most creeps being illuminated. If this is the case, them maybe make an aoe version of this tower or give this tower additional targets as it levels or something. Depending on the flavor of the game and how it would fit in, I felt there were some other names that could fit in better with the Mazebert flavor. Those names are "Disgruntled desk lamp" (although this sounds metro) and "Spotlight" or "Searchlight" (which also is a bit metro). If using a different name and lore, I think the attack type should be changed. Fal for desk lamp or Vex for searchlight.