light deck - uncommon - Judge

Name: Judge Attack: Fal Range: 2 Cooldown: 3 s Element: Light Gender: Male Damage: 20-42? Rarity: Uncommon, or maybe Rare Lore: Declares punishments on those who've strayed from the light. Ability: There's a 6% (-0.05% per level*) chance to declare a judgment on the target. Double Jeopardy: Only one judgment per creep. A list of judgments would be needed to decide what happens to the creep. My idea was to have this punishment list sorted from a mild through medium to harsh. The judgment would be decided by chance starting at the top. I was thinking something like 40% (+0.4% per level) (not effected by luck) to get a more severe punishment at each step. The percentages would need to be tweaked for the length of the punishment list. I'm thinking that at level 1, the tower should have a ~1% chance of handing out a harsh punishment (this is much worse than Jilly because it needs to trigger first, then roll the 1%). At higher levels, the harsh sentence would be 10-50% chance. The idea is that as the tower levels, he would start by dealing with many petty offenders and end by only punishing the worst offenders. That's why the trigger chance would decrease as he levels. All my punishment ideas: fine - creep gives you 5-20 gold detention - short stun forfeiture - creep sent back to the beginning execution - death - like Jilly's ability. self-sacrifice - creep is subverted to serve the light. It gives up it's life in a blast of light and damage (100-400% of tower damage as a 1-2 radius aoe) This tower is unnecessarily complicated, but I like the idea of a judge tower handing out punishments.