I heard you guys like hard mod so much, so i have proposal how about we create map that has no item and potion drop (except special drop like mead bottle) and we cant even gain by killing golden goblin so item and potion pretty scare i guess so any addon to make it harder, no legend and unique?

The only danger(s) I can see there: Dark Forge, Blood Demon and Holgar the Horrible are either ridiculous (Item abilities still work) or pointless (Item abilities don't work). Gib the Frozen Demon could not exist. Some towers are going to clearly superior options than others (Mr. Iron would be pointless in that set-up, Wolf would be ridiculous). Luck is also going to be extraordinarily important. A bad tower draw in game can be off-set by good item or potion draws. A bad tower draw in that level could absolutely cripple you. Lastly, I'm not sure what the code is like, but it could be a problem for the game for getting rid of four Rare towers (Normally provides a Rare item). I'd still play it, but I'm not sure how many people would like it. Might be "more fair" to simple disable items, but leave potions.

Well i heard someone boasting about getting luck over 1000 in second. like i said only common,uncommon and rare items and poition dosent drop that mean set items still drop and special items still available the reason of creating this map for extra exp actually :P special 100% exp for this map can we?

I take people's claims on these forums with more than a grain of salt. More like a mine's worth of salt. That said, now that I've reread your idea, you're right, that could be very fun!

Even if a map is not implemented a use no potion and/or use no item quest might be interesting on any map.

More intresting if we dont have both and again in forum i heard someone boasting about spending 1000 point for blood demon (i get one just by one swap and i was like WAT THE HELL) i prefer more exp than points because points was really common, but exp the higher you get harder to lvl...

@Romeo Just to add to the cards that would need to be considered for balancing such a map, perhaps acolyte of greed.

Oh christ, forgot about him. lol And it's true, the levelling does slow down around level 75 or so, but that said, past a certain point, it doesn't make much difference, so don't get hung up on EXP hunting!