Metropolis Legendary - Street-Ball Kid(s)

Street-Ball Kid This is intended as a metropolis legendary (like blood demon, or kiwi.) Once unlocked, you can get up to five Street-Ball Kids. The goal of the cards is to provide a carry "tower" that feels like they have teamwork. Cost: 3000 ish Attack rate: 2.5s Damage: 20-78 Range: 3 Damage type: Ber PASS! Each attack from this tower attempts to pass a basket ball to a creep or tower. Violently. To the face. This stuns foes for one second and speeds allies permanently by 0.02%. There can only be one ball in play. If this tower recieves a pass, it dunks it for 120% damage for Each unused bounce. (Each attack bounces to a random creep or Tower. 2 bounces base, +1 bounce every 11 levels. 10 bounces at level 99. Targeting priority: 75% creeps, 20% Street-Ball Kid, 5% other towers.) Dope Team Punch All team members pour their potions into their Punch. All team members get potion effects. All team members will have the same card, but perhaps different graphics. Next let's cover some pros and cons of this design. Pros: -PASS! Allows for some locking up of groups and small creeps, and can work well with other AoE supports. -PASS! Mechanics allow them to deal with single bosses. -Dope Team Punch stacks, and allows, and is intended for use with yin and yang rings. 20 levels to all team players, anyone? (Potion of wisdom) -Great synergy with support and stalling items. -They can keep passing to each other when there are no creeps around. Building up attack speed of themselves and occasionally nearby supports. Also allowing a DUNK when the ball gets near to a creep. Cons: -Because it's not one tower, it is very hard to use any offense items. You can't guarantee that the one with the damage items will DUNK. -Requiring 5 towers to maximize their potential means less towers to support. -Split towers means it's MUCH harder to get to level 99. -Placement is restricted, as they will only pass to towers in range. The whole team will most likely want to be within 3 tiles of each other. Note: I did 0 math, so if made, it might need rebalancing. But hey! Let me know what you think? EDIT: I'm thinking of increasing the attack speed to 5s....

This would also mean 200% life by lifepotion. Or maybe 500 life by sacrificing all 5 at lvl 99. Then play blood demon. Profit.

Haha, wow, I knew I had to have overlooked something. An easy fix would be banning unique potions from being shared; if not those health ones. Thanks for catching that!