More Card suggestions

Storm Spire - Purple Range Map wide Speed 2.5 Damage 5-5 Severity - Each round the tower checks the how bad the storms are. (during bonus every 10 seconds it rolls a new severity) The storms will last for 5 seconds automatically (even if new levels nexted) Severe Lightning - Every unit will take 50% of the towers damage ever .25 seconds Severe Flooding - Every unit is slowed by 50% Mild Storm - Lightning will randomly Strike a unit every .75 seconds for .25% tower damage Mild Rain - 2 units out are slowed by 30% Sunny day - All towers gain 50% crit chance -------------------------- Bucket-O-Potion Purple item Potions now take 30 seconds to take effect, but the effect is Doubled. ALternate - Potions do not take effect until 4 potions have been consumed, all potion effects doubled. -------------------------

what if also , we got a Bonus exp for our speed between challenges and if we hit speed markers Get a Potion or item. (higher quality higher lvls)

do these forums even get read at all?

yes,this forum get read almost everyday (i think) perhaps some people just too lazy to reply? me also got no response in my tower idea,lol

Hey there, sorry for late reply. Had I quite busy week at work and was on the road on the weekend. It becomes really hard for me to respond properly to all posts as I receive more and more suggestions and feedback :-) I will do a new card poll after all the bonus round adjustments, so players can vote again what tower/potion/item they would love to see in the game. PS: The bucket-o-potion seems to be too powerful to me. I like the Storm Spire concept, though!!