more Cards by syotos

Tower Card Blue Statue of Mazebert Damage 5-5 - The tower Does not Directly Attack. speed 1 range 0 Guardians- After 60 seconds of being placed (1) Tower Guardian is spawned that will stay on the path with in 3 units of the Guardian Statue. The guardians attack/speed is based on the statue. + 1 guardian lvl 25/50/75/99 ------------------ Tower Card Purple Proto-type Atomizer Attack- Radiation Radiation - deals 25 damage in a 2 space radius every 2 seconds, if creeps suffers 5 ticks of radiation they have a chance (5%) to become a radioactive beacon , giving off radiation damage to itself and those in a 2 space radius. +.5/1/2.5% damage per white/blue/yellow gem item Atomized. Damage Can be a critical. Atomization - Any item Put on this tower is destroyed after 60 seconds. -15 seconds at level 25/50 Each time an Item is destroyed a pulse of radiation is fired. Malfunction major! - 5% chance on destroying an item that the tower will release a shock-wave Stunning all Towers and units in 1 range for 2 seconds Potions effect Radiations Damage ,Speed potions Do not.