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Figured either you might like any of the idea's im posting for items / talents / towers for a chance to get em in game or give you an idea of your own to implement, just looking for more variety of interesting towers that could carry or be fun to play with or items / talents that would be fun. Tower Purple Gem The Gorger Price 3250 Range 1 and 3 (explained below) Damage 24-31 Speed 1.5 / 3 (explained below ) 'Do you taste like chicken?' Hunger! - Attack is set at 1.5 if not Eating a unit. Feast - The gorger will Grab the nearest NON BOSS unit and begin to consume it granting him Engorged. Dealing 20% of the creeps life per second. 10% Life per second at 15/30/45. Engorged - While consuming the unit the Gorgers attack speed is reduced to 3. Gains 20% damage Per unit consumed. Tower Purple Gem - Requirement At least 1 wolf level 25+ Hound Master Cost 5.5k Range 5 Damage 2-32 speed 4 'The thrill is in the hunt' Come My Pets! (active) - The Houndmaster Calls 1 wolf (Highest wolf chosen first , must be lvl 25+) to his side (maximum 5 wolves) (Each wolf retains its own ID from when it was called items and potions included) Attack my Pets! - Each wolf will attack From his masters Side (range 2) Talent unlocked lvl 40 Goblins! - 5 levels -there is a 1% (+1% per lvl) that a goblin spawns at the end of each lvl Talent Unlocked lvl 75 Master Treasure Hunter - 9 levels - Pick 1 Purple Gem Item or potion to have a chance of a second one Dropping . Cannot pick same item twice. +1 item at 3/5/7/9. Ex lvl 1 master treasure hunter , i pick Excalibur , i can have 2 total Excalibur Drop (no guarantee).