[Name of Player] Scythe(Unique personal item)

So i have an idea of new item which player have at start of each game,stats will player choose and adding by wining a game After each win player gets a point and can use it for raise stat : For example : 1 point - 0.5 attack speed - 0,5 damage - 0,5 crit chance -1 % crit damage - 2 % experience - 2 % gold - 0,5 luck - 1% item chance - 1% item quality 5 points - 1% cultist spawn chance - 1% Veleda prophecy drop chance - 1% Wizard experience 25 points - unlock slot for another stat (Max 5 slots) 100 points - 1 multicrit 150 points - 1 multiluck Stats can player change everytime,but cant when have unfinished game with this item Item for example with 287 points(wins) Stormchaser’ Scythe 10% cultist spawn chance (50 points) 25% damage (50 points with second slot 1 multicrit 150 points with third slot 6% luck (37 points with fourth slot) Or just one stat 143,5 % attack speed So every player can experiment as he pleases After session end points will be merged

While that's a neat idea, I feel like it goes against one of the design philosophies of Mazebert: equal difficulty for the players and a fair ladder experience. I'm not the developer, so I'm just inferring this philosophy based on the other design choices. The farthest Andy goes from this is legendary cards. And while the orange legendary cards start locked, they are the same for each player and the unlocking process is within reason (based on how the seasons play out where everyone starts from nothing. Andy, this raises the point that there are getting to be a lot of legendary items and it might make sense for some of them to be downgraded to unique to streamline the playing experience for new players. Candidates for downgrade are those that are straightforward to use and always useful: Hydra arrow Armor of the fat knight (unless the attack speed malus is strengthened. By the time this drops, the attack speed penalty is negligible and an extra pair of seven league boots is an improvement) Skull of darkness Spectral set Maybe a couple others. Items that are off questionable usefulness should always remain legendary, in my opinion: Eldritch tentacles Blood demon blade Useless machine

While this is a neat idea, it is totally unfair when having leaderboards, as fuzzy said. A potential downgrade of some legendaries to lower the ceiling for new players is something I could get behind. We could do this „now“ and then with every season some might be downgraded but never more than there are added. I would argue to do this sparsely, but generally I am in favor.

And what do you think to create a new gameplay,something like session,but with separated rankings or without rankings primary for fun and testing our ideas