New Item, Rods.

I made a quick thing in paint while at work, I got a bit lazy but they look pretty good. Check them out and tell me your thoughts! Ps- I meant to add a base damage of 10 on Ganesha's rod but another option, one of many, is to have it starting damage by 300 and then it gains 6 per level http://postimg.org/image/63ttn21an/

All of those seem pretty cool to me. Relatively balanced. Nice to see a Rare-level item boost Item Chance as well. If I wanted to be irritatingly nit-picky, I would point out that all individual, non-support Rare items scale with level. Maybe +100 Random Damage Type (+2 per Level) or some such thing? Doing so would weaken it to start, but scale it up dramatically at later levels.