New Races/decks

Hello guys, I wondered if there will be new Races/types be added. Now we got Darkness, Nature, Metro and it quite feels like "light" is missing here. Nature and Metro seems like the opposite faces of a coin, so Darkness and light are. If there would be more races later on, there could be handicap games. Like putting a darkness tower next to a light tower, their base attack speed get doubled etc. Or putting a light tower near a nature tower, the nature tower would get a bonus. Experience bonus, like better grwoth in sunlight... I'm pretty sure you cant do it right now or in the near future, but mayb somethin like this could be a target for the far away future if the community sticks to this TD. (I mean there is already a card which turns a tower into an Angel of Light or Darkness? Why not another one which turns a tower into a Mutant (NAture) or a Cyborg (Metro). For other Deck types i dont really got much ideas. Ideas for light towers: (well... just for starters!) Magnifier: Channels the Sun-Rays onto a target. Deals more dmg the longer it attacks the same target. 1% (+0,01% per sec channeling and +0,01% chance per level) Chance to cause Hypothermia, which exhausts enemys and slowing them by 5-10% (10% normal creeps, 5% boss/Challange) Text "Best used to fry Ants" Class: Supportive, high base attack speed, low damage, medium range. Chance multiplys with multiple Glasses focussing on one enemy. Would be nice if Andy could respond to the idea of new Deck-types and of course about the influence of the decks to each other. Another influence idea: If a shadow is next to a pocket thief, the thief got 5% higher chance to steal gold. or just add +3gold per proc. Herb witch increases Dandelions Growth, +5-10% Exp. Iron Mans technologic knowledge, gives scareface on the tiles around him +15 base dmg (DOES NOT STACK!). Toad + Irish Pub -> The drunken toad, got a chance to hit an additional target, while both targets receive only 75% of the dmg. Such things would add a new component on the tower placement strategies. *Edit, maybe somethin like Good Gods / / Evil Gods Thor, Jesus, Ganesha (already in use, darn!), Mannan Mac'Lir as the good ones (vainnamoinin, darn no clue how he is calld, though he isnt really a "god") as the good guys, Loki, Devil, Shiva (well... no clue who is the bad guy in that religion), Morrigan, (and again, no clue who could be the asshole against him ^^')

many cool ideas! i could add a few myself if it got real =) i liked the god towers aswell

Well, i thought the best input is just a simple brainstorming. The details can wait ^^ Anyway, would like some feedback and to hear your ideas :-P Maybe the Dev/Devs will pick up a thing or two

i like the concept, having bonus's and deductions. and maby like Eve td (and maby youtd idr) have Hybrid towers of blue/yellow/purple and maby one legendary gem type towers that require you to have something ingame of each two (or three or all four) elements to be able to be rolled.

I guess, for Hybrid towers, you would need some kind of tower fusion mechanics? Or do you mean like: You have Solara (black) and Scarface (Metro) on the field, so there is a chance that SolFace (or whatever ^^) drops as BlackMetro tower? I would prefer a fusion then ;) wich takes the avarage stats (bonus dmg/cc/cd/Exp) of the to towers. Oh and on that notice -> Blofield Sat, fusion of Light and Metro. ^^

Absolutely love the Magnifier tower :-) And you're right, it is planned to add a Light element in future, as soon as the Darkness tier is finished completely. The mixing of towers is something I'm not seeing in the very near future, as it would require quite a bit of implementation/balancing work to multiply all the variations.

do we got an eta on the ripoper andy?

Well, hoped for a light element ;) since i read somewhere about an angel of light... So, the deck oppositions were on purpose? (nature vs metro, dark vs light) And well, i think i stated, that i know (and hopefully everybody else) that a free to play game got a dev time longer then a companys game where hundrets of thousends of euros a thrown into it. It's just some brainstorming, no pressure here. But maybe worth a few additional entrys in your "possible to do list if balancing is done so far and i still want to provide the community with more content" list. It's just like with Alpha products on Steam. There will always be people who go like "Iwant this NOWWWWW", but just ignore them. Just take the feedback and add what feels right to you, i mean in the end its your product =) Great game so far anyway. But well: Another idea -> I think there are people who reached the max stats point for the summoner, so maybe add another point to raise projectile speed by 1% up to 10% total. Cant see a big difference on 200 waves but might change a few things on 500 waves. Or Aromor penetration 0.5% per level, stacks up to 5%.

All right back to the main topic then: We got magnifyer probably as white tower. So we need at least one more for starters. Two more blue Cards and of course 2 Yellows. Or we have a new Acolyte of greed ^^ The problem i see here: Do you only mean the Physical light or the "spiritual" light too, like Angels or just good beeings? Right now we've "got" both. Magnifyer as physical embodyment and the Angel as spiritual embodyment. Personally i would prefer the physical side here, since i would like a deck with celestial beeings later on ^^' But if you could give the direction i will add a tower idea or two.

Just some random idea... Maybe candel? like deal continuous damage to one range round the tower. Like "not only its fire, but even its omnipresent light can be used as weapon" When ever the tower deal damage to creeps, it deals another 50% of its damage as burn damage to the creeps +0.5% attack speed per creep kill. Flashlight? Something like deal damage to creeps in a straight line. "Night guard's best choice" When tower attacks creeps, the first unit will received 200% of it damage, followed by 180%, 160% and so on. +1% per level, (like 201%, 181%, 161%) Priest? Something like the opposite of Abyss King "The way, the truth, and the light" When attacking a mass creep, there is 20% chance to persuade it to become the servant of God +0.2% chance per level. For every servant, all light tower get +1% crit damage and 0.1% crit chance, for every 100 servant this tower persuaded, life +1% Light tower? more of a support "Beacon of truth and light" +0.5% attack range per level to all tower one range around it. This tower share its item effect 1% per level to one range tower around it. for example, wooden staff 5% damage, share 0.05% damage to tower around it. legendary, unique and set item cannot share to other tower.

Wow... i've somehow read "Bacon of truth and light" <.< Read too much books again. Anyway i've got a questions: About the "bacon" of truth and light. If you equip it with lets say... a meat mallet on level 99. Would it then buff all towers around it with 296%dmg? [(200+99%)*0,99)]with 4 mallets then: 1184%dmg and -99%critchance? If yes, it would have to be the legendary tower, and more like "Light Kami" whatever the japanese word for light is...

wait... if level 99 means that each tower around it gain 99% of the original item effect. So let say meat mallet 200% damage will become 198% i think? Not tower gain 101% and so on, i like start from 1%, 2%, and so on. But if follow your idea, maybe it can be legendary tower, if not i think gold is it maximum..

Well yes, but Meat mallet has a 200% base dmg increase +1% per tower level. which would mean 299% total dmg on level 99 right? And if we got the 299% dmg bonus, and add 99% to the towers around it. Might be a bit to strong. For balance reason, i would recommend to start with 5% and add 0,5% or even 0,25% per level. Tower idea: Enigmatic Prism Target: one unit. Medium Range 2-3 Medium Dmg and Dmg increase Low Speed Special abilitys: Each Magnifyer channels it sunbeam on the Prism, allowing the Prism to hit an additional target (mayb lock it on 4-5 Targets), allowing it to Exhaust Targets (like Magnifyer, just lower chance). One target gets aimed and other 3-4 targets are randomly hit. (It just shoots in a random direction with the additional hits, and if the rays hits, it hits. if it misses it misses.) Every Magnifyer above (max targets) increases the speed but 25% and the exhaust chance by 0.5%. OR: The prism splits the channeled Sunbeams into the different colors. White, chance to exhaust 25% of dmg dealt. Purple ray reduces armor 25%dmg, Yellow is just extremely powerful +2.5% chance to exhaust and 125%dmg, Red sets the target aflame for 250%dmg over 4 sec. 50% initial dmg. Green just deals 75% dmg. If there are 5 Magnifyers it shoots all rays every time. (random direction/target) More magnifyers have no effect. Random targeting besides *edit: Maybe a yellow card? And just realize the cards are TOO small for the effect list ;D Anyway, we do have other hidden effects out there, so why not? It has to be unique card or the Magnifyer should randomly pick the Prism they focus on (have to be in normal hit range)

oh ya, never thought of the additional % by level. by the way, for prism, does it means that without Magnifyer this card is completely useless? Or it will still deal damage but without all these special effect? And for damage deal, does the damage from magnifyer add on with prism or just prism' damage alone? So let say 5 magnifyers, the prism will gain additional damage from 5 magnifyers? How about crit chance and crit damage? means magnifyers' crit chance and crit damage is no longer needed, is it? Thought of using prism before but give up due to the seven colours, this is a good idea though :)

It got a basic attack without any special propertys and without any magnifyers. Each magnifyer adds a random "colored ray". I think it should be rerolled every hit/sec/wave whatever which shoots in a random direction. The only targeted attack is the standart attack. Should be a funny sight if you got one and its shoots 6 randomly colored rays into different direction in an 0.1 intervall ^^ Uhm well... if i think about it öÖ Nice idea but do i really want to see that? Öö

@syotos Brandon just finished the Ripper's artwork. He will be part of version 1.1, eta of this is currently late spring/early summer..

Maybe the number of magnifyer can unlock the number of colour? Let say with the first magnifyer unlocks red light, second magnifyer unlocks orange light, third magnifyer unlocks yellow light... which means seven magnifyer provide seven rainbow light, and different colours provide different effect, just like what you write above. Perhaps dont let it attacks randomly, let it attacks in sequence, red light attacks the first one, orange attacks the second one and so on, so when it reach mass creep, it wil looks like rainbow ;)

The Idea would certainly work. But the thought was of beeing a bit "unplan-able" here. I like the random effect :> And about the targeting: I think, the base dmg got to be REALLY low, to adjust to a Multihitting tower with 5-7 surefire hits. (compare to: Rabbit, Electric Chair, Mr.Iron. Here we got the multi hitter.) With random hits you can nearly guarantee, that they will hit on bonus rounds later on. But if you play a 500 waves match, if the base dmg is too low it will be useless, no matter how many unit it hits. At least thats a problem, that i see. and the next problem is: It will annihlate Mass Creeps like Scarface, rendering it "useless" for a knux round. And in the end a farmed knux gives a HUGE dmg boosts.

Perhaps we can follow the previous idea, Red light target the first creep, and the rest of the light target randomly, but these lights do not fire all at once, more like one light followed by another, create a rapid rainbow attack. Therefore, in boss waves, the tower can rapid fire all seven lights at it (cause there is no other creep for random). Still be useful in challenge round and mass challenge. Perhaps we can let the tower increase damage and effect damage based on the level of the magnifyers around it. Like the prism killed a creep, 15% of exp gain equally spread to each magnifyer surround it. Each tower level of magnifyer increase 1% of prism damage and effect damage (like burning damage increase from 30% to 31%) etc. So is more like the combination of wolf and dark forge.

Well, the questions is: Is it even possible for Andy to make such a tower? ^^ I dont doubt his skills, just the power of the devices it will run on. But some feedback to your "changes". You mean it fires one Light beam (with cooldon of X depending on AS) and fires the other Rays in perhaps 0,01sec afterwards(Dependant on the first attacks hit. So if you miss first attack no attacks will follow?) So we basically got a tower which can attack up to 7 targets at once, OR if there is only one enemy, it hits him 7 times. The idea isnt that bad, but i think the basedmg would have to be extremely low, or it would insta kill everything. If we think about equipping MR for normal waves (i ignore the originial targets hit here, it would be 7 times 35% = 245% dmg too everybody in an area of 3 fields. Not to mention 6-7 potential effects... Thats the reason i wanted the "random direction without target lock". To cancel the OP ness a bit right from the start. But i really like the idea of Magnifyers and Prism share some of the EXP and influence the dmg gain(or speed or crit, whatever). Thats a nice touch. I just fear it will be a few to many hidden effects, or we could call it "tower scroll" instead of "tower card" ^^

Yupp, i just realise that its quite pointless for us to discuss while not sure whether Andy is going touse this tower or not. But anyway, i think we can let its base damage to be as low as Mr Iron, if im not wrong Mr Iron only has 7-11 damage for level 1. Cause it can gain damage from magnifyer, so i think it shouldnt be a problem. For tower hidden effect, perhaps we can made it like, when magnifyer has no prism beside it, the name of the magnifyer remains unchange. The first magnifyer build beside prism will automatically change its name to magnifyer (Red). And the effect (red is burn right?) will write in the tower description. And this tower level effects the burn damage, (so level 99% of this tower will provide additional 99% effect damage to burn) The second tower build beside prism will change its name to magnifyer (Orange), and the effect will also write on the page. And so on. By using this method, there should be enough space on card, as they only need to put one effect per card If so, it should be ok right?

Actually that idea sounds rather nice ^^