New Skills?

I was wondering if we'll ever see more skills. On top of that, if we'll even see an adjustment to the current Deck Master skill, wherein the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th skill levels aren't worthless. My suggestion would be to make it match the "progression" of cards we normally see, so one common, two common, three common, one uncommon, two uncommon (You get the idea). Shouldn't disrupt balance too much, since without the Loan Shark a player can't field three rare towers right out of the gates, and the Loan Shark is a huge detriment in most cases. As for new skills, I would propose: Inheritance: 10 Levels - Wizard Level 20 Minimum - +15 Starting Gold per level Item Master: 7 Levels - Wizard Level 80 Minimum - Same layout as Deck Master Potion Master: 7 Levels - Wizard Level 90 Minimum - Same layout as Deck Master God: 3 Levels - Wizard Level 100 Minimum - Provides +1% Interest, +5% Armor Piercing and +1 Multicrit per level, but disables ladder rank

Mhhm, well, Inheritance: Wont argue with that one. Gives us a tiny boost early on. Might unlock Scarcrow or many other blue towers right away but tahts fine with me. Doesnt do much in the long run. Item Master: So you can Pick [if we take your change to Deck Master into Account] with 2 Yellow Items of choice? Or well, one purple item. Does it include Dark Forge Items? Setitems? Just think about instant shadow with with 3(is that amounr right with your changes of Deckmaster?) blue items? (2 Mushrooms -40%damage and probably pants) Potion Master: I can't warm me for this skill at all to be honest. Starting with probably 2 Yellow potions of choice [2*Water] will make it unbalanced i guess, since the droprates will skyrocket too early. God: Well i like the idea. First thought was: WTF OP and then... oh no ladder, no need to argue xD

I agree about the items, and I actually should've put in a disclaimer of "as it is now", because yes, starting with three Great Water of Life potions would basically destroy the balance as is. lol And yeah, God would basically just be a fun "screw around" mode, otherwise it would be game-breaking as well.

I think the the gold bonus can open up a few other startoptions but the others are gamebreaking. I wouldnt midn though, to be able to start with 2-3 chosen towers (common/uncommon). But i think yellow and higher should stay on a maximum of 1. If you take the Horadric mage your can have your first sure yellow item rather early. I would just restart a few times, if i got a 100% chance to have yellow item on wave 10, until i get the boots or whatever the curretn setup needs ^^ Tahts why i would go for: 1-3 common 1-3 uncommon 1yellow 1purple (or even 2 purples ^^ i wouldnt mind them as much as i do the yellows to be honest, just cos the gold factor you need to put them on the field)

I think two purples could be just as balance-shattering as two yellows, if not more so. I could live with the 3, 3, 1, 1 idea you suggested. Though in the case of potions it almost should be 1, 1, 1, 1 (Otherwise there'd be no point to picking a Rare, you'd just take three Uncommon).